All quiet on the western front book review essay

The use of quket gas is also a very brutal practice throughout the novel. Baumer describes this while he is in a gassed area, hoping that his gas mask is working properly.

The Horror of War

The narrator changes his attitude towards war as he becomes more aware of its undesirable effects. Even in the beginning, Baumer realises its terrible reality and the change it has made to his life.

all quiet on the western front book review essay

With all the efforts of preparation, discipline, reeview anticipation, false hopes were created for the young individuals, who leave the battlefields with numerous emotional and physical scars. Both boys were at a very young age when they were exposed to World War 1. They all begin by patriotically marching off to join the army.

However, their visions of the glories of war are rdview swept away with horror as true friends die in the all quiet on the western front book review essay. The poem begins with the relief of a soldier as he escapes the war; but then realizes where he was when he sees the dead soldier.

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The spirit tells him that joining war is simply a waste of your life. He watches slowly as each one of his friends die until he westernn the only one left.

all quiet on the western front book review essay

At the end, Paul dies on the front treating death as a friend; he is "glad the end has come" Paul experiences the horror of war through the rough training, the murderous front, and the reoccurring flashbacks.

The Hags is connected with the word beggers as they both outcasts in society. What's more words like beggers, hags and blood-shod shows what the war has done to the soldiers of war.

All Quiet On The Western Front

Through his use of vivid words and portrayal it makes us understand the effects of war and what it involves.

The last line further geview the effects of war, the soldiers are deaf to the gas shells dropping right behind them.

all quiet on the western front book review essay

His body of work is clearly concerned with unveiling the real atrocities and devastation wreaked by war, as well as elucidating the falsity manifested by war propaganda. Having read about destern, watched films on the subject and having seen war photographs, I think that it is important to find out about war from all of these different extracts.

Poems like Wilfred Owen's Exposure give you the experiences of the horror of trench warfare.

all quiet on the western front book review essay

I watched the series called Band of Brothers, which gave good visual examples of the quier, hardship and awful loss of life in the Second World War.]