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The film earned two nominations from the Saturn Awards for Brit Marling's performance and for Cahill and Marling's writing. The critical consensus on Rotten Tomatoes calls it slow paced but soulful.

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Rhoda Williams Brit Marling another planet book review essay, a brilliant year-old girl who has spent her young life fascinated by astronomy, is delighted to learn that she has been accepted into MIT. She celebrates, drinking with friends, and in a reckless moment, drives home intoxicated. Listening writing a good english essay introduction a story on the radio about a recently discovered Earth -like planet, she gazes out her car window at the stars and inadvertently hits a stopped car at an intersection, putting John Burroughs William Mapother in a coma and killing his pregnant wife and young son.

After serving her four-year prison sentence, Rhoda chooses to work with her hands and to have minimal contact with other people, becoming a janitor at her former high school.

Hearing more news another planet book review essay about the mirror Earth, Rhoda enters an essay contest sponsored by a millionaire entrepreneur who is offering a civilian space flight to the mirror Earth.

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One day Rhoda sees John laying a toy at the accident site. She visits his house, intending to apologize. He answers the door and she loses her nerve.

Instead, she pretends to be a maid offering a free day of cleaning as a marketing tool for a cleaning service. John, who has dropped out of his Yale music faculty another planet book review essay, has been letting his home and himself go, and accepts Rhoda's offer.

another planet book review essay

He has no idea planeet she is, and another planet book review essay she finishes asks her to come back the next week. In time, a caring relationship develops and they have sex. Rhoda wins the essay contest and is chosen to be one of the first to travel to the other Earth.

John asks her not to go, believing they might have a future together.

another planet book review essay

She finally decides to tell him the truth about who she is. He is upset and throws her out of the house.

another planet book review essay

Rhoda hears an astrophysicist talking on television, describing a "broken mirror" hypothesis which states that upon the sighting of the twin-Earth the synchronicity of events happening in both the earths was broken. Rhoda rushes back to John's house, but he another planet book review essay to let her in.

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She breaks into his house, and he begins to strangle her. He stops, and when she recovers she tells him about the theory and that there might be a possibility for his family to still be alive on the other Earth. She leaves him the ticket. In time, she learns that John accepted the gift and becomes one anther the first civilian space travelers to the other Another planet book review essay.

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Four months another planet book review essay, on a foggy day, Rhoda approaches her house, discovering her other self from Earth 2 standing in front of her. The idea behind Another Earth first developed out of director Mike Cahill and actress Brit Marling speculating as to what it would be like were one to encounter one's own self.

another planet book review essay

In order to explore the possibility on a large scale, they devised the concept of a duplicate Earth. The visual representation of the duplicate planet was deliberately made to evoke the Another planet book review essay, as Cahill was deeply inspired by the Apollo 11 lunar landing. Another Earth was filmed in and around New Haven, ConnecticutMike Cahill's hometown — with some scenes taking place along the West Haven shoreline and at West Haven High School and Union Station — writing about a weird teacher college essay that he could avail himself of the services of local friends another planet book review essay family and thus reduce expenses.

His childhood home was used as Rhoda's home and his bedroom as Rhoda's room. The scene of the car collision was made possible through the help of a local police officer with whom Cahill revieq acquainted, who cordoned off part of a highway late one night.]