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How does one exactly review Beowulfthe epic poem that kicks off so many an English curriculum? However, I can talk about why I personally like the poem, its construction and the characteristics of its verse, and J. Beowulffor the uninitiated, follows three particular battles of the Geat hero Beowulf, who hails from what is now northern Sweden.

In Denmark, Beowulf is a honorable and warrior blessed with outrageous strength; in Sweden, Beowulf is an old, but strong, king who knows beowulf book review essay sample battle with the dragon will be his very last, his culture is failing, and that his death will leave the Geats vulnerable to attack from the Swedes.

This warrior culture is concerned with gaining glory before death comes for them, since to them, death is not a peaceful state, but something akin to the blowing tfios book review essay of a candle. The structure of Beowulf can take a little getting used to. I have to confess, when I was younger, I wondered why subject writing 5th grade opinion essay of the translations had simply beowulf book review essay sample as prose for readability.

Instead, it focuses on lines that are separated with a pause, with alliterating words on either side of the pause. It can be difficult to render in modern English, but Heaney does his best.

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The oral nature of the poem also explains why it repeats certain concepts; it was meant to be performed, not to be read in a largely illiterate society. People just coming in would be able to catch up quite quickly.

beowulf book review essay sample

Previous to Tolkien, scholars tended to look at Beowulf beowulf book review essay sample a historical and linguistic standpoint, not a literary standpoint, and played down or even dismissed the fantastical elements of the poem.

In his essay, Tolkien argues for a literary reading that values exactly those elements, as they make the poem into something greater than a purely historical poem. Much as reading Ivanhoe gives you a richer understanding reviww the Robin Hood mythology, reading Beowulf definitely enriches your reading of The Lord of the Rings.

This, I think, is why Beowulf book review essay sample love analyzing literary works; the delicate interplay and influence a work can revie with and over another. All those who love stories, fantasy, and literature need to have sample of flim gorillas in mist review essay examples copy to refer to and enjoy.

It is possible my impressions of the esway were colored by my dislike of her. Beowulfwhen done properly like Heaney does, is compelling if you remember how melancholy the Anglo-Saxons were- their view of the afterlife was dim at best, which explains it.

A Synopsis of the Foundation Text of English Literature, Titled Beowulf

When I teach Ancient and Medieval Lit, this always makes the reading list. I love the Tolkien connection! I have the Heaney version, mainly because I like his poetry anyway.

beowulf book review essay sample

But Heaney, I feel, gets it rightand I always beowulf book review essay sample that more important in translations than literal translation. I think the wistful melancholy of the epic is what makes me reluctant to see the adaptation, even though I think Gaiman sampe it and I adore the man.

I would avoid that film; the CGI use alone destroys the value of the acting and, though I love Gaiman, he worked with someone else. You are commenting using your WordPress.

beowulf book review essay sample

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