Book review essay free essays on slavery

book review essay free essays on slavery

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book review essay free essays on slavery

Type of paper: Book Review. Up from Slavery is an autobiography by Booker T. Washington that details the struggles that Booker T. Washington had to go through in his bid to get an education. His hope to achieve an education would also be thwarted by the fact that he book review essay free essays on slavery born of slave parents which essentially rendered him a slave ; at the time, in was illegal for slaves to receive education.

Convinced that his local school had book review essay free essays on slavery place for black people, Washington took got involved as a miner esxay he one day heard some miners talk about Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute in Virginia. Washington later took up a job at Mrs. At Mrs. He later managed to secure a place at Hampton. In the book, Washington admits learning several guiding principles at Hampton; principles like selflessness, and the pivotal role of the bible to humans.

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On going home after two years at Hampton, Washington recounts how he always stood up to talk to the congregation and speaking in several campaigns book review essay free essays on slavery the importance of eesay guiding principles that he learnt in Hampton. It should also be noted that Washington upheld a unique and intriguing notion of what makes up a true gentleman. To him, it was easy to tell a true gentleman from the way someone interacted with people of an inferior race than his.

book review essay free essays on slavery

To illustrate this, Washington always referred to a story always told of George Washington lifting his hat in response to a black man who lifted his hat to him in greeting. A careful view of this chapter by anyone leads to the realization that developing confidence in one field often leads book review essay free essays on slavery developing confidence in another, most probably, unrelated field.

Again, in this book review essay free essays on slavery, Washington emphasizes the need for perseverance and consistency in doing things as one of the assured ways achieving success. In this chapter, Washington also highlights some of the economic, political, and moral reverberations for the white community as a result of abusing the African Americans. Washington asserts that a while who injures an African American there is a likelihood that he or she will end doing the same to a white.

Essentially, Washington meant that any white inflicted damage to an African American be it economic, political, or good words to use in essay writing satthere is a great chance that the white will do the same to a fellow white.

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The most notable speech that Washington ever gave was the Atlanta Exposition speech; a speech that derives its importance from the fact that it served as the foundation essayy the Atlanta essaya which assured southern blacks of an education.

Besides using it to continue his efforts in pleading for the cause of the African Americans, the book review essay free essays on slavery pushed him to becoming an important African American personality besides making him vulnerable for criticisms that can be perceived to be threats to his profession.

Notwithstanding, Booker is still remembered globally for his illustrious ideas about education.]

book review essay free essays on slavery