Book review essay on the great gatsby

Read essays samples written by our professional writers and feel free to use them as a source of inspiration and ideas for your own academic work. What makes the book so great is tthe the writing is well done, the characters are interesting and psychologically complex, and the setting gives readers a realistic idea of the social class difference in the s Long Island and New York City. Book review essay on the great gatsby lucky!

Order Now. Therefore, he had the skill necessary to write a classic of American fiction.

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Many times in the novel, readers will stop and re-read lines because of book review essay on the great gatsby appealing sound.

The line also makes readers feel how the past can bring a person down, even when he or she tries vook move forward. Powerful lines such as this one repeat through the novel, making The Great Gatsby a great tool for reflection.

As a member of the newly rich on Long Island in the s, Gatsby is arrogant. His conceited dialogue customer service representative cover letter the narrator, Nick Carraway, can be annoying for the reader, but maybe Fitzgerald wants to make Gatsby unlikeable at first, only to have the reader sympathize with him and yatsby downfall later.

book review essay on the great gatsby

The interaction between Nick and Gatsby creates interest and emphasizes the difference in social class between the gqtsby and the middle classes in the s New York book review essay on the great gatsby. In The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald accomplishes his main objective of exploring the disillusionment that comes from following the American Dream.

The novel is set following the events of World War I and just before the Great Depression, and it effectively explores the bitterness many feel at pursing the American Dream.

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In the novel, and in society book review essay on the great gatsby the time, revuew who come from the upper class, shown by Tom and Daisy Buchanan, are free to act as they want and treat people in mean ways, always using wealth as power. The intended audience of The Great Cover essay review is adults, especially academic people, since Fitzgerald wanted to be taken seriously as a writer of important literature.

On the one hand, Jay has to resort to crime in order to make rssay money to impress the woman he loves, as if wealth could bring him the affection he seeks; on the other hand, Daisy has everything that a woman could dream of, but her life is far shallower and depressing than Jay thinks.

During his lifetime, Fitzgerald never received a lot of money for The Gatsb Gatsby, book review essay on the great gatsby it would not be until many years after his death that the book would become the success of American fiction that it is today.

book review essay on the great gatsby

Nevertheless, The Great Gatsby is a great achievement tatsby a benefit to readers of many ages, for both academic reading and for pleasure. The book succeeds because its writing is interesting to the reader, its characters book review essay on the great gatsby psychologically complex, and its setting reveals how difficult it is to achieve the American Dream in the s New York.

Therefore, The Great Gatsby is a highly recommended book that will be hard to put down.

book review essay on the great gatsby

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