Book review essay rubric

Skip to main content sign in. Pricing Request Info. Your browser does not support iframes. Sample essay movie review Review Geview Book Review. Students chose a book to read independently and then review. The review incorporates information about the book's characters, setting, plot, genre, theme, and writing style.

Students will decide which type of book report they would like book review essay rubric do: paper, powerpoint, website, imovie, or performance. Rubric Code: B5C By MrGardner.

book review essay rubric

Ready to use. Public Rubric. Subject: English. Type: Assessment. Grade Levels: Desktop Mobile. First boom listing title and author is attention-getting and provides information in addition to title and author. Includes genre and how it fits. Title book review essay rubric author are both listed immediately, but no other information is provided in that sentence.

book review essay rubric

Needs Work. Title and author are not immediately mentioned but are eventually provided in a sentence or two.

The most important characters are mentioned in the review and described. Relationships between characters are clear. The most important characters are mentioned and described. Book review essay rubric between characters may not be clear. Characters rugric mentioned. The review does not mention essential characters to the story. No elaboration if a main character is mentioned.

The plot description is brief, does not seem to give away too much, and is clear and easy to follow. After reading the rubrc, the reader feels curious about the plot. The plot description is brief and easy to follow. A bit more information should have been given or too much has book review essay rubric provided.

book review essay rubric

The description lacks interest. The plot description is overly complicated, overly simple, or overly boring. Events may also be disorganized. The plot description is very minimal, way too detailed, or confusing due to disorganization. Book review essay rubric book is recommended to specific types of readers. The review provides a clear recommendation statement but without sufficient rationale.

It is assumed that every reader would feel the same about the book. The review provides a recommendation statement.

book review essay rubric

However, it is general such as, "This is a good book.]