Book review of tuesdays with morrie essay

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But the story drew me in very quickly. Mitch Albom spent each Tuesday with Morrie, his former professor, who was very ill. As I read about these visits, I realized that this book was really about how we spend our time.

Teenagers often think they have all the time in the world. We focus on things that benefit mostly ourselves: enjoying our favorite hobbies, spending time with our friends, and trying to get into a good college.

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Even our community service can be more beneficial to us than to those we are meant to be helping. But this book reminded me that time is precious, and we ought to pay more attention to how we choose to spend it.

book review of tuesdays with morrie essay

Albom had taken his relationship with his favorite professor for granted, assuming he would always be around. He decided to visit Morrie and ended up getting the most important lessons of his life. He loved people fully and gave them his undivided attention.

book review of tuesdays with morrie essay

I pay more attention to the moments and people in front of me. Each one has been better than the one before it.

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Imagine counting your breaths to figure out how much life you have left in you. A book review of tuesdays with morrie essay adult can exhale while counting to about A dying man may morrei be able to get much past That is one of the many things Mitch Albom learned on his Tuesday visits hook his former professor Morrie, who had been diagnosed with ALS.

Tuesdays with Morrie gives a glimpse into that world. Throughout the book, Morrie shares many valuable insights.]

book review of tuesdays with morrie essay