Celia a slave book review essay

It is based on the true story of Celia, a slave who was bought and sexually molested by Robert Newsom, a resident of Fulton Township in Calloway County, Missouri. Celia killed him, four years after he had bought her, and she was tried and hanged for it.

celia a slave book review essay

Circuit Court Judge William Hall was the one who presided over the trial. He chose this particular lawyer because Jameson had a very good reputation as a competent, genial member of the legal community or bar, in other words. Jameson was quite a popular citizen of Fulton Township. He was indeed a slave owner like Robert Newsom and so many celia a slave book review essay at that time.

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However, he was not personally involved in the slavery debates that were going on celia a slave book review essay he preferred to remain what is brainstorming in essay writing mutual, neither supporting nor opposing.

He had represented Missouri for three terms in the U. Congress and had also practiced law in the community for about three decades. With quite a considerable bit of political savvy, as well as an excellent reputation as a trial lawyer, John Jameson was more than acceptable to the parties on both sides of the conflict. Jameson could represent the defendant satisfactorily, albeit not too satisfactory.

In addition to that, Judge Hall appointed two celia a slave book review essay lawyers fresh out of college, Nathan Kouns and Isaac Boulware, to assist him in his defense of Celia.

Jameson argued that, by law, Celia was entitled to use deadly force in order to protect herself from rape, in spite of her previous sexual relationship with Robert Newsom.

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His argument was exceptionally bold and unconventional due to the fact that it was based on a Missouri statute that had originally been created to protect only white women. In most parts of the American South, sexual celia a slave book review essay on a slave was regarded as trespass, and the owners could not be accused of trespass if it was on their own property.

Jameson and the two younger lawyers kept focusing on the sexual molestations done by Robert Newsom on Celia, how it had traumatized her, taken a toll on her life and well-being, and even how it had affected her relationships with cekia people.

celia a slave book review essay

For instance, her real lover, a man called George, could not stand sharing her with Mr. Newsom, and he gave Celia an ultimatum: she had to make him stop his sexual advances on her. However, this was effectively countered by the prosecution.

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Every time the defense tried to bring up the issue of Robert Newsom sexually molesting Celia, celia a slave book review essay objected they very likely knew what John Jameson was planning, and the sort of impact it would have rreview in most cases, Reviww William Hall sustained their objections. In effect, this weakened the situation of the defense, as they had nothing solid to defend Celia.

He already knew that there was a very high chance that Celia would get the death sentence, so he wanted the case over and done with before it became too big an issue. After all, they were living in a time when the issue of slavery had become quite massive, with the American government being forced to put an equal number of Celia a slave book review essay states and pro-slavery states. Probably because of this pressure, he was quite strict in his judgments, so ce,ia not to be seen favoring othello movie review essay side.

celia a slave book review essay

For instance, after the jury had found Celia guilty, Jameson asked Judge Hall to bring out a stay of execution during the period that Esszy case was being appealed to the Missouri Supreme Court.

However, he flatly refused, which in turn caused her supporters to take drastic measures. On the chilly night of November 11, Celia was aided to "escape" from prison.

celia a slave book review essay

She did not return to custody until the time after her initial execution date had passed. As she returned, a new execution date was set, on December One thing it did was to force the celia a slave book review essay Americans to view slaves, and black people in general, as actual human beings.

Activism in the nearby free-states was at an all-time high, and blacks from other regions came to support Celia as her trial went on. It helped to solidify and strengthen the black movement as a whole.]