Essay on stargirl book review

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Stargirl is a young adult fiction novel published in by the American author Jerry Spinelli. In a coming of age narrativeshy eleventh-grader Leo falls in love with Stargirl, a free-spirited newcomer at Mica High.

When his fellow students turn against Stargirl—and Leo—he pressures her to become ordinary essay on stargirl book review everyone else.

Extract of sample "Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli"

Over the course of the novel, Essay on stargirl book review learns the importance of staying true to yourself. Spinelli explores themes of individuality, kindness, and the painful consequences of nonconformity.

Looking back from an adult perspectivefirst-person narrator Jaws review essay Borlock tells the story of his junior year in high school and the brief romantic relationship that changed his life. Leo and his family move to the small desert town of Mica, Arizona when he is Now 16, Leo fits seamlessly into ordinary Mica High.

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Students there dress the same, listen to the same kind of music, and generally do not make waves. All that changes when tenth grader Stargirl arrives. In her long pioneer dresses, carrying a ukulele and accompanied by her pet rat, Cinnamon, Stargirl causes a stir. She serenades strangers on their birthdays and dances in the rain. Leo and the other students are incredulous, wondering if Stargirl is real or some kind of actress.

Captivated by Stargirl, Leo and his best friend, Essay on stargirl book review, ask their old paleontologist friend Archie about her. Archie has known Stargirl for years; he helped her parents homeschool her. Gradually, the stargiro accept Stargirl and essay on stargirl book review the freedom to express their own individuality.

They imitate her positivity and adopt her ways of showing small kindnesses. Stargirl joins the cheerleading squad and energizes the basketball team, blithely cheering when either team scores.

essay on stargirl book review

Leo and Kevin invite Stargirl to be a guest on their school television show, Hot Seat. On each episode, a jury of 12 students asks the guest personal, embarrassing questions. Though the rest of the school rejects Stargirl, Leo falls in love.

essay on stargirl book review

Stargirl takes him to her enchanted place in the desert and includes Leo essay on stargirl book review mindtree essay writing topics with answers excursions to take anonymous gifts to those in need.

Leo discovers that it was Stargirl who sent him a porcupine necktie when he was new in Mica. As the other students shun Stargirl, Essay on stargirl book review notices their silent treatment spill onto him.

He tells Stargirl that something needs to change in their relationship. He explains why it is important to care what others think. Stargirl changes her name to her birth name, Susan, and tries to look and act like the other students. Leo is thrilled that she has become normal.]

essay on stargirl book review