Essay precis writing and comprehension books pdf free download

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essay precis writing and comprehension books pdf free download

These can be the most difficult and most wrtiing of all the lessons the teacher is called upon to conduct. The root of the trouble is that the teacher cannot predict the course ofeach lesson.

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He sets a topic and then attempts to stimulate a class discussion by asking questions, suggesting ideas and so on.

How the students will respond depends very much on their maturity, general knowledge, range of interests and command of English.

essay precis writing and comprehension books pdf free download

It depends, too, on personal factors like essay precis writing and comprehension books pdf free download or wriging, etc. With some classes, teachers may find that they fail to get any response at all and are finally driven to abandon conversation lessons altogether.

With others, the conversation may always be dominated by one or two students, while the teacher spends most of his time coaxing bookx members of the class to join in.

Whatever the case, the conversation lesson tends essay precis writing and comprehension books pdf free download be a random, unprogrammed affair over which the teacher has little control. More often than not, time is needlessly frittered away and nothing effective is added to the student's know- ledge and skill. BASIC AIMS This book seeks to meet most of the problems posed by the advanced conversation lesson by providing a flexible programme which the teacher can manipulate according to the needs of his class.

The book contains material which can be used for routine drill work with an unresponsive class, or conversely, the teacher may use how to break bad habits essay writing as a source book for ideas and vocabulary with a highly responsive class. The basic aim behind the book is ane enable the teacher to predict, to a certain extent, the course of each lesson and to comprehennsion that it will be suited to the requirements of his students.

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The book may be used in addition to an advanced course like Fluency in English. The student should have a fair grasp of the rhythm of the language stress and inton- ation even if he is unable to pronounce unfamiliar words correctly. The student should be sufficiently familiar with a wide variety of English sentence patterns so that he can 'get the gist' of what he is essay precis writing and comprehension books pdf free download even though he may not know the meaning of individual words.

An argumentative essay always appears on the left-hand page; and two sets of notes appear on the right-hand page. Left-hand Pages: The Passages Each essay is approximately words in length and argues in how to show not tell when writing college essay of a proposition.

The passages are not academic essays; they are lighr. Only one side ofthe case is presented and the argument is often deliberately provocative and even bigoted and extremist. The intention is to motivate the students by any means - even by making them angry - and spark off a spontaneous debate in the classroom.

The thirty essays cover a wide range of subjects of general interest, some serious, some light- hearted.

essay precis writing and comprehension books pdf free download

Most of the topics have been tried out with considerable esssay on mixed classes of adult students. With regard to the subject-matter, it has been assumed that the student reads news- papers either in his own language or in English and takes an fere in topics which are frequently discussed in the papers, in magazines, and on radio and television programmes.

The passages are not graded at all linguistically, but roughly in terms of intellectual content, the more difficult subjects being presented in the latter part of the book. Right-handPages: The Notes Each right-hand page is divided into two parts.]