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The Novel Grendel by John Gardner gives the reader a different viewpoint grendel book review essay the good against evil plot scenario. From the beginning of the book the reader can see that this book is very well written and that Gardner has a very unique way of writing it.

grendel book review essay

It is clear that the narrator is a very attentive and how he changes his writing to illustrate the "growing up" of Grendel's writing as well. The reader many times before has dealt most likely with a frendel defeating an evil villain.

Although the twist to grendel book review essay story is that, the traditional, evil "monster" is telling his side of the story. Having to be forced to now view the events from Grendel's eyes, Gardner allows his readers to see the other side of the grendel book review essay. Thus, during the events that play out in essqy entire novel, it gives the sssay a chance to comprehend book review essay explorations in the sociology of consumption Grendel plays an important role to how humans are conveyed.

Whenever Grendel first encountered humans, he was fairly young at the time, and described it as a bad experience.

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After unintentionally catching himself in a tree he was noticed by a group of Hrothgar's men walking through the woods. As the men got nearer, Grendel tries to communicate to them, having no intention of harming these "ridiculous" Gardner 24 creatures that "moved by clicks.

After the men bump into Grendel, grendel book review essay are very confused and don't know what to make of the situation. Like wild animals, they are afraid of anything that they are not used too.

Grendel book review essay Grendel tries to speak and connect to the men, while hanging from the tree, the men showed ignorance. Instead of taking the time to understand the abnormality in their world they panic and do the only thing they know how to do to best, destroy it.

Had the reader not read Grendel's side of the story, the reader would have assumed that the men had every reason to attack Grendel, but in reality they didn't.

grendel book review essay

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grendel book review essay

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grendel book review essay

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