Holes book review essay

The Theme Of Friendship In Holes By Louis Sachar's Holes

Holes is a novel by an American writer, Louis Sachar, first published in It had great success among critics and became immediately loved among the most demanding readers. The book talks about a teenager, Stanley Yelnats, who is sent to Green Lake Camp for a crime he did not commit.

He faces holes book review essay situations in the camp, finds friends and enemies, and radically transforms his own character.

It involves some interesting plot twists that tie the book together. Ready economic academic essay customer review set off on this quest that involves some magic, a horrible curse, true love, revenge, and…some digging?

Grab a shovel and scroll down for the character list. Stanley Yelnats is the protagonist of the novel. He is bullied at school, is overweight and unhappy with himself.

His family was supposedly holes book review essay a long time ago, but despite this, Stanley stays positive and has a kind heart.

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When he arrives to Camp Green Lake the other esssay seem to pressure him into being rude holes book review essay cruel to others, but he resists them and stays true to his beliefs.

He is a true friend as he follows Zero into the desert, even knowing there is no water around them there.

holes book review essay

When he climbs the mountain, dehydrated and exhausted, his persistence rdview strength show off:. Even though Stanley might seem soft and as if he just goes with the flow, he truly is a brave and strong young man who holes book review essay the truth and cares for his loved ones.

Holes Characters

He has even more trouble fitting in than Stanley. Regardless, he is an excellent digger, is always quiet and does his job very well. He is good at math, but he does not know how to read.

holes book review essay

He feels ashamed, but he cannot essa to Stanley that he was the reason Stanley was brought here. Instead, Zero tries to do nice things for him, like digging his hole when Stanley gets taken to the Warden.

This episode shows that Zero, even though he is small and quiet, can holes book review essay up for himself, protect his interests and punish the people who constantly belittle him.

holes book review essay

Hitting a counselor in the face with a shovel also requires a lot of grit, which he has plenty of. Madame Zeroni was the friend of Elya Yelnats who gifted him a piglet to help him win the heaviest pig contest.

holes book review essay

She eszay a Gypsy in reality just Egyptian and was known to hold special knowledge and have powers. In a booi harsh yet honest way, in speaking about Myra, she told him:. She understood that Elya loved Myra very much, but holes book review essay wanted to show him that holes book review essay was not the right person for him. Madame Zeroni was a wise and practical woman. When Elya failed to do so, she cursed his whole family for eternity.

In the book she seems like a strong and intelligent woman, even if her biok and game review essay for english class might sound ridiculous. She was righteous and wanted people to keep their promises. Her curse seems cruel, but fair. The Warden is the most important decision-maker at Camp Green Lake. She is a tall red-haired woman who wears cowboy boots and a cowboy hat.

She seems extremely cruel and cold-hearted.]