Jungle book film review essay

I saw the newest Disney version of "The Jungle Book" in the company of my enthralled year-old son, and there were moments when I envied him—but not too many, because the film is so surefooted in its effects, so precise and simple in its characterizations, and so clear about what it's jungle book film review essay to say about the relationship between humanity and nature, that it made me feel about his age again, too.

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Maybe younger. From the opening sequence of young Mowgli Essay writing examples for grade 6 Sethi racing through the jungle in the company of his adoptive wolf family and his feline guardian, the black panther Bagheera Ben Kingsleythrough its comic setpieces with jungle book film review essay layabout Baloo the Bear Bill Murray and its sinister interludes with the python Kaa Scarlett Johanssonthe despot orangutan King Louie Christopher Walkenand the scarred Bengal tiger Shere Khan Idris Elbathe movie bears you along on a current jungle book film review essay enchantment, climaxing in a thunderous extended action sequence that dazzles while tying off every lingering plot point, and gathering up all the bits of folklore, iconography, and Jungian dream symbols that have been strewn throughout the story like Hansel and Gretel's breadcrumbs.

It's not accurate to call this "Jungle Book" a "live-action" version, since so much of it has been generated on a computer. But screenwriter Justin Marksdirector Jon Favreau and their hundreds of collaborators render such distinctions moot.

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Combining spectacular widescreen images of rain forests, watering holes and crumbling temples, a couple of human actors, and realistic mammals, birds and reptiles that nevertheless talk, joke and even sing in celebrity voices, the jungle book film review essay creates its own dream-space that seems at once illustrated and tactile.

Boik the sort of movie you might inadvertently dream about bbook re-reading one of Rudyard Kipling's source books or re-watching the animated Disney film, both of which contributed strands of this one's creative DNA.

The When writing an essay and putting your ideas in order animated version was the last cartoon feature personally overseen by Walt Disneyand its release one year after his death marked the start of a period of creative wandering for the company though other juntle that had been in development for years, most of them lackluster, would appear throughout the decade that followed.

This incarnation is a more straightforward telling that includes just two brief, according-to-Hoyle musical numbers, "The Bare Necessities" and "I Wanna Jungle book film review essay Like You"—performed by Sethi with Murray and Walken, respectively.

jungle book film review essay

It relegates a longer version of the ape's song and a torch-song-y version of "Trust in Me," performed by Johansson, to the approximately seven-minute end credits sequence, which is so intricately imagined as to be worth the ticket price by itself.

Other numbers, including reivew elephants' marching song and "That's What Friends Jungle book film review essay For," performed by a barbershop quartet of mop-topped vultures, are MIA, presumably in the interest of pacing.

jungle book film review essay

I mention all this not because I consider the film's lack of music a shortcoming, but because it gives some indication of jungle book film review essay gracefully this "Jungle Book" juggles the competing interests of parents and kids. Musically, visually and tonally, there are enough nods to the version to satisfy nostalgia buffs, but not so many that the film becomes a jyngle rehash.

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Jungle book film review essay tales are a stronger influence, down to the scenes where the wolves, Mowgli and other creatures recite a stripped-down version of Kipling's poem " The Law of The Jungle " " And there are nods to Edgar Rice Biok Tarzan stories and the masterful comics illustrator Burne Hogarth's adaptationswhich seem to have influenced the way the movie's CGI artists render the movie's trees: as gnarled, knuckled, pretzel-twisted, vine-shrouded wonders, rising jungle book film review essay the forest floor.

The film creates its own, more politically evolved version of Kipling's literary ecosystem, with its ancient animal beliefs and practices, such as predators and prey declaring a "water truce" during a drought so that they can all drink unmolested from a parched watering hole.

jungle book film review essay

And it invests Mowgli with a touch of optimistic environmentalist fantasy: where human mastery of fire and tools was presented in earlier films as a threat, and Mowgli's fated exit from the jungle as an unfortunate necessity, in this film the boy rwview shown using his ingrained ingenuity to solve problems beyond the capabilities of his animal pals, as when he builds a rappel reiew pulley system topics for writing an illustration essay help Baloo claim honey from a cliffside beehive he's been coveting.

The idea here seems to be that humanity is not necessarily fated to subjugate and jungle book film review essay nature. People and animals can live in harmony if we behave with kindness and mercy while showing reverence for the ancients of other species, like the elephants that Bagheera credits with jungle book film review essay the rain forest and directing the flow of junyle by digging canals with their hooves and tusks.]