Legend book review essay

legend book review essay

How is Marie Lu's writing style different in the chapters from Day's perspective from the chapters in June's perspective? Lu's writing style for the different characters reviww their backgrounds and upbringing. Day's sections legend book review essay more slang and move at a faster pace, which reflects the quick decisions he has to make as part of street life.

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June's chapters, on the other hand, are more reflective and tend to refer more to numbers and calculations, both indicators of formal education. June also often begins her entries with a recording writing a good community college essay the location, military time, and temperature which the Republic moderates at 72 degreeswhich indicates her military training and deliberate style of observation.

As the novel progresses, legend book review essay formalities are dropped as her actions become more spontaneous. What does it say about the Republic that its best minds all go into the military?

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The Republic sends its best students to the military because the Elector Primo is single-mindedly focused on conquering essxy Colonies, even if doing so destroys the country. However, the prominence of the military in the Legend book review essay is not just due to the Elector Primo's personal preferences. It also reflects a nationalistic culture that values security and military value above all else.

legend book review essay

Even good characters like June have internalized this culture; at the beginning of the book, she has never questioned her future military career. The dream sequences guidelines to writing a good essay Legend serve two purposes: they reveal information about the past, and they help the characters realize things that legend book review essay haven't consciously put together legend book review essay. An example of dreams revealing the past is Day's dream in prison about the street hockey incident.

These dreams give the author a fast and simple way to tell readers about events that happened before the beginning of the book, especially those involving characters that have since died in the narrative.

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Lu also uses dreams to reveal information at moments when it will have a strong dramatic effect. An example of dreams helping characters come to realizations is June's dream of Day insisting that he's innocent of Metias's murder.

legend book review essay

In this case, June had all the information to realize Day's innocence, but she was not emotionally ready to come to that conclusion yet. The dream helps her to come to her senses.

legend book review essay

Obviously, the Republic is much more violent and authoritarian than modern American society. However, there are also some similarities.

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Many of these similarities stem from the vast gap between the rich and the poor, which also exists in American society. In both societies, children must take an important test esssy helps determine their future; politicians court rich people who can help them stay in power; poor people often don't get the services they need; and the poor are more vulnerable to disease.

Several practices of the Republic are based in historical legend book review essay. The restrictions placed on Internet usage and the mandatory portraits of the Elector Primo in Republic citizens' homes also mirror policies in China today and during the Cultural Revolution, which Marie Lu's legend book review essay lived through.

The Republic also practices eugenics - removing bad genes from a population by culling those deemed undesirable - which was used to justify the actions of the Nazi Party.]