New york review of books essay

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new york review of books essay

Best of The New York Review, plus books, events, and other items of interest. How mother and daughter reconciled different ways of being Chinese-American—in the kitchen.

new york review of books essay

Readers love fictional characters almost as if they were real people. Literary scholars are just starting to take them more seriously.

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Get immediate access to the current issue and over 20, articles from the archives, plus new york review of books essay NYR App. Already a subscriber? Sign in. Dan Chiasson. Irving Howe. Yuri Slezkine. Maria Stepanova wants to memorialize the dead in her family but is conflicted about the very possibility—and morality—of the quest. Elaine Blair. Like many of her narrators, Lydia Davis is a taxonomist of daily life.

Caroline Easay.

Nixon’s Tricks, Antarctic Expeditions and Other Letters to the Editor

Christine Smallwood. Irina Dumitrescu.

new york review of books essay

News about upcoming issues, contributors, special events, online features, and more. The New York Review of Books: recent articles and content from nybooks.

new york review of books essay

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Peter Brooks. Darryl Pinckney. Christopher Benfey. Mark Lilla.]