The book of unknown americans review essay

the book of unknown americans review essay

Immigration is a hotly debated topic, though more often through the lenses of policy proposals and the scoring of political points than about the very real people involved. The unknown Americans in her book essaj their own chapters, and in doing so speak to their unique cultural traditions and backgrounds that too often become muddled in the minds the book of unknown americans review essay native-born citizens.

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This narrative technique allows for the immigrant experience to come alive with a richness and complexity that routinely goes unsung in third-person accounts that have a internship review essay to cast immigrants as menacing outsiders rather than as integral members of the American landscape.

The book begins by introducing us to Arturo and Alma Rivera, a couple who make the arduous journey from Mexico to Delaware with their teenage daughter Maribel in order to find better the book of unknown americans review essay options for her after she suffers a brain injury. We discover along the way the many sacrifices the family makes to give their daughter a better future, and we are introduced to the tight-knit community of immigrants in Delaware among whom they live, people also looking for opportunities not available to them in their native countries.

the book of unknown americans review essay

Each story is as remarkable as the one who tells it, though revieq threads emerge. Over and again, the need to identify these characters as immigrants comes as much from the outside as it does from within, though we find that the similarities between native-born citizens and immigrants are more the book of unknown americans review essay and numerous than the differences. These differences, however, are so often stressed or make life so difficult for those who must navigate them that the characters lean on each other for support, allowing an even greater opportunity for the outside world to define them by their immigrant status.

the book of unknown americans review essay

I spoke with the author about her thoughts on several of these factors. Your unknoown represent a broad spectrum of backgrounds and behaviors relating to the immigrant experience. Too often, it seems that Americans born and raised here believe the immigrant experience, or immigrants themselves, to be monolithic.

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Did this contribute to your decision to create the characters as you did? And so, I wanted to portray characters that represented their country in some specific way, but also that had a very universal humanity. The characters all have their own prejudices and intolerances toward everybody else and their own kinds of biases. What I thought was also so interesting was the way you turned the book of unknown americans review essay narrative on its head to look at some of the flaws in the American system.

Your characters find many, but certainly not all, of the things they are looking for in America.

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What are the more subtle messages you wish to impart about all that America has or does not have to offer? I think I was interested in the subversion of the American Dream narrative, or the myth of the American Dream. They came for Maribel.]