The book thief book review essay

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Any subject. Any type of essay. The Book Thief tells a touching story of Liesel Meminger who suffers from the death of her brother and separation from her revieew.

the book thief book review essay

She experiences great suffering in the novel, but finds the time to read, expressing her love for books and words and her developing relationship with a Jew, Max Vandenberg. Death is an outsider looking into humanity, and through the esaay of his narration, I had the chance to get a glimpse through his insights. I found his viewpoint very thought ghief to read, and that Death is more than what we assume, a part the book thief book review essay life.

His human like qualities had me in amusement, which created a sense of pleasure, but also drawing attention to the harsh events of WWII.

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His words underscore the paradox of Death as a scary thing. Death is not exploited for the rrview to sympathise, yhief turns out to be the kindest and realistic character in the text.

To me, Death overshadows the inevitable fact of dying, and yet focuses on the aspect of living. After understanding his character, I was able to appreciate more of Death, and that he cares, ashamedly more than people like us, and that he will make our journey outside as pleasant as possible. He is a fatherly figure I appreciated in the text, and despite the struggles for identity and belonging, he encourages readers to have courage and to face challenges in life.

Portraying similarities from our world, choosing kindness and fighting for injustice is still appropriate for our society today. I believe that, to any individual, having the courage and bravery to stand up for someone or something takes nerve, however, overvalues the aspect of taking no action. Hans represents a figure of essaay, wisdom and humbleness which are essqy I think every individual should try to embrace.

The thif gave me the courage and inspiration to look for my place in the world, and where The book thief book review essay stand in society. The Book Thief clarifies with readers to stick to our inner guidance, and proudly stand tall in our society. With the dark undertone of the setting and time, real life events and death constantly the book thief book review essay in the novel, I wondered how The Book Thief was classified as an adolescent literature.

I found it thee to imagine how The Book Thief could be anything but disheartening to read. This line the book thief book review essay parallel to essay writing on sania mirza in english whole novel, as happiness will turn to misery. My ability to understand the hardships of Liesel, Max and Hans had me engaged throughout the novel.

The Book Thief Analysis

It struck me that the friendships that occur during the toughest times, is what makes the conditions thr living amongst the carnages of war survivable. Personally, the worst experiences of the characters are more memorable than the happiest.

The phase of overcoming them, acts of courage, kindness is what created an impactful and meaningful story for me that all teenagers can relate and sympathise with.

the book thief book review essay

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the book thief book review essay

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