The fault in our stars short book review essay

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A book review paper example should be written taking into consideration certain points. It is important that faault consider the tenses that should be used for each paragraph of a review.

the fault in our stars short book review essay

Bok description of the plot should be written in present tense. The paragraphs should consist of more than one sentence. When forming the conclusion of a review, you should include your recommendations or viewpoint. The arguments and reasons should be used to support and justify the comments or beliefs. As for the style of a review, it can be both formal and informal, depending on the publication.

A good book review example college level is The Fault in Our Stars book review which you will find below.

the fault in our stars short book review essay

The Fault in Our Stars is a piece of young adult fiction which combines the elements of a love story and a drama. The novel is written by John Green, one of the most known authors of fiction for youth. The book was published in and was on the New York Times list of the best-selling out.

Original Perks of Cancer

Hazel Grace is seventeen. She is dying of thyroid cancer. The disease is incurable and no one knows how much time is left for the girl. She undergoes the treatment but a new drug she is treated with does not guarantee the remission. Hazel suffers not only physically but emotionally as well shorrt very lonely and depressed.

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Fauot hopes it will help the girl to socialise. One day she meets a young boy, Tbe. He has one leg amputated, the state of his health seems better than that of Hazel. He attends the sessions of the support group to help his friend Isaac who has cancer.

Hazel and Augustus fall for each other. They have a lot in common; they discuss films and books and spend a lot of time together. Hazel tells Augustus about her most favourite story — the story of a girl dying of cancer just like Hazel. The only thing that disappoints Hazel is that the book is not finished.]

the fault in our stars short book review essay