The last boy on earth book review essay

the last boy on earth book review essay

A modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, SuperSummary offers high-quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis of major themes, characters, quotes, and essay topics. The Last Kids on Earth —a New York Times bestseller and winner of the Texas Bluebonnet Award, which is determined by the popular vote of grade school students throughout Texas—is a post-apocalypse graphic novel for young readers, filled with illustrations, humor, friendship, and zombie survival.

The story is written by Max Brallier and drawn by Douglas Holgate, and was originally published inbut has since gone on to become a seven-book series; however, this is the first book in the installment.

It has been adapted into a Netflix series of the same name, and has also received tremendous acclaim within pop culture in the form of toys and essay writing on what makes you a kellogg& 39 figurines.

This guide uses the Viking The last boy on earth book review essay edition. The story begins mid-apocalypse. The narrator and protagonistyear-old Jack Sullivanis living in a quasi-paradise treehouse fortress the last boy on earth book review essay Wakefield, with seemingly unlimited junk food, weapons, video games, and comic books—despite the dangerous chaos outside his window. Jack is a foster child who never had a close relationship with his current family—the Robinsons—since they abandoned him at the onset of the zombie mutations.

Though left alone, he fended for himself as he has learned all his life being an orphan.

the last boy on earth book review essay

In flashback memories of his time in school before the destruction of his town, he reveals that he has only ever had one friend—Quint Baker. Then, the apocalypse begins and he never sees either of those boys—or anyone else—for 46 days. He eventually reconnects with Quint, who has been living in his home and conducting scientific experiments—something he prides himself on.

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Together they roam the town for supplies and for June, but instead find The last boy on earth book review essay former essay writing competition for college freshmen for international students Jack convinces Quint to allow Dirk into their fortress.

They begin to build their team together, and it pays off, since Dirk is bigger and stronger and able to help them out. After some time collecting supplies and strengthening their fort, the crew of boys establishes a balanced friendship filled with routines and roles that they each fulfill.

Rfview, the outspoken leader; Quint, the brains; and Dirk, the muscle. They survive on scavenging and having fun together. Everything changes when they decide to look for June, who Jack has reason to believe is trapped inside the middle school.

Their plan backfires and they are nearly doomed when a rolling ball of zombies attacks them. However, June appears in time to save them.

the last boy on earth book review essay

But their happiness is interrupted by Blargwho has been hunting the group throughout the book, and has finally pinned them in the school building. The team must devise a plan to escape, and they do—with Jack risking his life. They flee back to the fortress for their final battle with Blarg.

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Though Blarg is a powerful beast and destroys most of their neighborhood—including parts of their precious treehouse—the team of scavenging adolescents ultimately defeat Blarg with a group effort. Jack is thrilled to have defended his home found his place in the world with his friends, and expresses his excitement and joy for expanding the team with future the last boy on earth book review essay. The Last Kids on Earth.

The guide themes, chapter outlines and character summaries are more detailed than other sites. The information is chapter specific and so it's easy to target certain things.

The Last Kids on Earth Summary and Study Guide

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