The pearl john steinbeck book review essay

One of the primary styles of the novel, The Pearl, which was written by John Steinbeck, is the damaging force of greed. While the story revolves primarily around the life of the couple, especially, Keno, the author utilized them to symbolize the impoverished state of the community in which they live in.

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The story begins with Coyotito being stung by a harmful scorpion. When Kino and Juana were not able to treat their kid, who was revealed to be in severe discomfort, they took him to a doctor. However, the doctor, upon discovering that the couple did not have any steps to writing an essay about yourself, turns them away the pearl john steinbeck book review essay pretended to be not available at the minute.

In this part of the story, Steinbeck currently demonstrated how greed played an important function in negatively affecting the lives of Kino and Juana through for a little while moving the focus of characterization.

The physician likewise signified the obstacles and injustice that Kino faces in their impoverished neighborhood, which was, in a manner, used the pearl john steinbeck book review essay justify his greedy actions later on in the book. In the opening chapter 1, Kino deeply observes the beauty of the garden of his house, which shows the innocence he just had at the beginning of the book.

After the couple was turned down by the doctor, Kino became desperate but fortunately found a very large and rare pearl in one of his dives.

This part of the writing a evedence paragraph for argument essay also depicted the greed of the other minor characters of the novel such as the priest of La Paz, who agreed to help Kino only after he discovered that he had the pearl, and the doctor, who changed his mind and helped Kino only after he found out that the fisherman was in possession of a rare pearl.

Days after he found the pearl, his entire family experienced a lot of misfortunes. Several men attempted to steal the pearl from him and although they were unsuccessful, this led to Kino committing acts he normally did not do such as violence and murder. Even after their house was burned down, Kino still insisted on keeping the pearl and escaped to a nearby the mountain with his family since they believed he will be hunted by the authorities after he killed one the pearl john steinbeck book review essay the men of attempted to steal his prized possession.

They then discover that they were being pursued by three men and when Kino tried to surprise them, they kill his son, Coyotito. He responded by killing all of them and the next day the story ended with Kino returning to La The pearl john steinbeck book review essay where he throws the pearl to the sea for good.

The events at the mountain were another form of nature imagery used by the author.

the pearl john steinbeck book review essay

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the pearl john steinbeck book review essay

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the pearl john steinbeck book review essay

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