When writing the name of a book in an essay

You should follow the rules dictated by the guidelines.

when writing the name of a book in an essay

For AP style, however, you never use italics for pieces of work — no matter the length. Additionally, the APA style dssay uses quotation marks or italics for shorter works.

Short Works: How to Emphasize Titles of Shorter Pieces of Work

Instead, it expects them to be written as normal text. Sometimes, the choice of style may be up to you as a writer.

when writing the name of a book in an essay

Instead, you can use quotation marks to emphasize these smaller pieces of work. This is the same rule for titles of episodes of shows. When a piece of work includes punctuation, like a question mark for example, that part of the title should be italicized, too. However, when you are writing and using italics in a sentence for emphasis or within a parenthetical, then you do not italicize the punctuation. Like with most aspects of English, there are some exceptions to the rule.

When writing a paper, do I use italics for all titles?

One exception is when you have a book that is a collection of various novel titles, like Lord of the Rings.

Titles have special formatting and capitalization rules. For example, you only capitalize the first word and all main words in a title. There are very specific cases for when you should elect to use quotation marks for the titles of works as opposed to italics. Use quotations for:.

when writing the name of a book in an essay

Knowing when to italicize or use quotation marks is not a one-size-fits-all answer.]