Writing a college essay on a book

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writing a college essay on a book

Sure, you might know the essay writing lessons for 5th grade behind what a college essay is supposed pn sound and look like. But where do you find good sources for reading sample essag essays? How writing a college essay on a book you make sure that these resources will actually strengthen and improve your writing? And what is the best way to use the college essay examples that you do find?

There are some very good reasons for wanting to check out how other people have handled the college admissions essay. It's one thing to hear that a completely mundane topic is way better than one focusing on your greatest sports moment.

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But once you see other students writing about a family meal, or an obsession with a particular board game, or a love of cultivating cacti, you'll be convinced to find your essay in the small moments of your life. Second, you'll see how your life and writing compares to that of your peers.

writing a college essay on a book

The great diversity of voices, topics, tones, points of view will show you just how many writung you could possibly write about, and how to keep the essay connected to your personality and your voice. Finally, if you really do have a good story to tell about something that gets written about a writing a college essay on a book, like divorce, pet death, a community service trip, or winning the big game, you can get writint for how to approach a potentially lackluster essay topic in a novel and striking way.

First, the basics. A source is only as good as its content, so make sure you're reading college essays that worked, from people who actually got into the schools they applied to.

Why Look At College Essay Examples?

Also, it's best to focus on new essays not older than essajso you are reading what has worked in the most recent past, rather than seeing outdated ideas and historical perspectives. Next, what you really want is diversity in voice and perspective.

writing a college essay on a book

Make sure the writing a college essay on a book featured come from many different kinds of students: either from applicants to both top and lower-tier schools; writing key points when writing a persuasive essay from students with different ethnic, economic, and racial backgrounds; or from writers using both formal and more experimental essay techniques.

Finally, the best sources of admission essays will feature explanatory material. This will give each essay some kind of context: commentary on what makes the essay good, explanations of the drafting process, or, at least, biographical information about students. Looking at a bunch of identical koi isn't the best way to learn about freshwater fish varieties. Here are my recommendations for excellent resources, as well as some warnings about resources that I think you should avoid.

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I've taken a look at many of bok books that collect college essays, so here writign my recommendations. I've divided them into three categories:. And even if your library doesn't have a copy, ask them to request one either from another library in the same system or even from the Library of Congress through interlibrary loan. Written by Janine W. Robinson, who blogs about college essays at EssayHellthis book features great sample essays.]