Writing the title of a philosophy book in an essay

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writing the title of a philosophy book in an essay

Any other reproduction is illegal. Underline your surname family name. Write your student number under your name. If there is a tutorial in the course, under your student number, write the number of your tutorial session, the time it meets, and the name of your tutorial instructor. Staple the pages in the upper left-hand corner.

Do not put your paper in a binder or a folder. A title page is optional. On every page, leave a right and left margin of at least one inch 2.

writing the title of a philosophy book in an essay

Pages must be numbered. If your paper is handwritten, it must be in ink. Papers written in pencil will not be accepted. Notes should be placed at the bottom of pages, not collected at the end of your paper.

writing the title of a philosophy book in an essay

Do not attach a blank page at the end of your paper. Be careful using right-justification. If you are typing your paper or using a word-processor, double-space the lines and leave two blank spaces after each period or question-mark that ends a sentence; leave one blank space after other periods, e.

Be sure college essay guy writing the major essay you use a dark preferably black ribbon in your typewriter printer. No photocopies will be accepted. If you are using a writing the title of a philosophy book in an essay, make frequent backup copies to a second floppy disk and then store that backup diskette in some place remote from the original.

Virtually every computer user has had the experience of finding a diskette suddenly unusable or of erasing a diskette accidentally.


Making a backup copy of your work is very cheap; failing to make a backup copy can be very expensive. Please note: the excuse that your work in progress was destroyed by your computer or that you have lost a disk or had a disk stolen will not be acceptable. It is up to you to insure that you have phikosophy backup copy. If you are using a word-processor which has a spelling-checker, do use that feature.

writing the title of a philosophy book in an essay

If you use any bibliographical material, your paper must have a Bibliography. Try to use primary sources.

Do the following in papers written for BC philosophy courses:

If the original source is available in the Wriiting, do not write " Titles of books and journals must be italicized or underlined; titles of journal essays and essay writing william tanner magazine articles must be enclosed in quotation marks.

Proper bibliographical citations include: the name s of the author s ; the date and place of publication; the titls name for books ; volume and issue for articles ; and page numbers for articles. Examples: [3] Augustine, Saint, Confessionstranslated by R. Walker and Todd Taylor. If writing the title of a philosophy book in an essay quote a passage, you must include a bibiographical citation. You may do this in either of two ways: by an immediately following in-line reference to your bibliography, or by a footnote.

Examples: Augustine asked, "What, then, is time?]