Benefits to essay writing for elementary students

Essays, along with multiple choice, are a very common method of assessment.

What is an Expository Essay?

Essays offer a means completely different than that of multiple choice. When thinking of a means of assessment, the essay along with multiple choice are the two that most come to mind Schouller.

The essay lends itself to specific subjects; for example, a math test would not have an essay question. The essay is more common in the arts, humanities and the social sciences Scouller.

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On occasion an essay can be used used in both physical and natural sciences as well Scouller. As a future history teacher, I will find that essays will be an essential part of my teaching structure.

benefits to essay writing for elementary students

By utilizing essays as a mean of assessments, teachers are able to better survey what the student has learned. Multiple choice questions, by their very design, can be worked around. The student can guess, and has decent chance of getting the question right, even if they did not know the answer.

benefits to essay writing for elementary students

This blind guessing does not benefit the student at all. In addition, some multiple choices can deceive the student Moore. Bejefits answers, and their big brother the essay, work in an entirely different way.

Essays remove this factor. This challenges the student more, and by forcing the student to remember the information needed, causes the student to retain it better.

The Benefits for Students

This in turn elmentary understanding Moore. Scouller adds to this observation, determining that essay assessment "encourages students' development of higher order intellectual skills and the employment of deeper learning approaches; and secondly, allows students to demonstrate their development. Whereas multiple choice limits the options, an essay allows the student express ideas that would otherwise not be communicated.

The matter of preparation must also be considered benefits to essay writing for elementary students comparing multiple choice and essays. For multiple how to teach 5th grade essay writing questions, the instructor must choose several questions that cover the material covered. After doing so, then the teacher has to come up benefits to essay writing for elementary students multiple possible answers.

This is much more difficult than one might assume. With the essay question, the teacher will still need to be creative. However, the teacher only has to come up with a topic, and what the student is expected to cover.

benefits to essay writing for elementary students

This saves the teacher time. When grading, the teacher knows what he or she is looking for in the paper, so the time spent benefots is not necessarily more. The teacher also benefits from a better understanding of what they are teaching.

Essay On The Importance Of Teaching Literacy In The Classroom

The process of selecting a good essay question requires some critical thought of its own, which reflects onto the teacher Moore. Multiple Choice. Stuednts or False.]