Cilook us 2016 essay structure high school students writing

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W hen Monica entered high school, her writing skills were minimal. But writing seemed edsay her reach. It was like, well, I got a sentence down. What now?

cilook us 2016 essay structure high school students writing

Unfortunately, Monica is far from alone. Across the country—and rwiting in schools serving students from low-income families and English language learners—students at all grade levels have similar problems expressing themselves clearly and coherently in writing.

On nationwide tests, only about 25 percent of students are able to score at a proficient level in writing.

cilook us 2016 essay structure high school students writing

And yet, expository writing—the kind of writing that explains and informs—is essential for success in school and the workplace. With the advent of e-mail and the Internet, an increasing number of jobs require solid writing skills. No matter what path students choose in life, the ability to communicate their thoughts in writing structute a way that others can easily understand is crucial.

cilook us 2016 essay structure high school students writing

The problem is not that students like Monica are incapable of learning to write well. But writing is the hardest thing we ask students to do, and the evidence is clear that very few students become good writers on their own.

Many students—even at the college level—have difficulty constructing a coherent sentence, let alone a fluid, cohesive essay. To be effective, structture instruction should start in elementary school. And teachers, cilook us 2016 essay structure high school students writing by page after page of incoherent, error-riddled esssy, may not know where to begin.

As many secondary teachers know, that assumption has little to do with reality.

Nothing Extraordinary

But rather than beginning with teaching the fundamental skills their students lack—by, say, guiding students through the process of writing well-crafted sentences—teachers feel pressured to have their students meet grade-level expectations and produce multiparagraph essays. But many students have written nothing except narratives in elementary and middle school, often about their personal experiences. But what teachers need is a road map that tells them how to get there.

It provides a clear, coherent, evidence-based method of instruction that you can use no matter what subject or grade level you teach. It works just as well with elementary students as with those, like Monica, who are in cilook us 2016 essay structure high school students writing school.

Insurmountable as the writing challenges faced by many students may seem, TWR can make a dramatic difference.

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Teachers from around the country—in fact, from around the world—have been using this method for more than 25 years, learning it through teacher-training courses held in or near New York City.

First known as the Hochman Method, TWR is being implemented at a broad range of schools, spanning all grade levels. But how did this method originate? Later, as a school administrator, I observed many lessons in a similar vein. I tried consulting the research, but, at the time, academic researchers were paying far more attention to reading than writing. So I began to experiment.

I cilook us 2016 essay structure high school students writing fortunate to be at the Windward School, an independent school in New York for students with learning and language disabilities in essay prompts 7th grade creative writing grade through high school.

The Windward staff members and I were able to try varying approaches to writing instruction.]