Esl students challenges in writing an essay

However, the truth of the matter is far more complicated than this.

esl students challenges in writing an essay

Whilst a lack of precision in language is definitely an important factor, there are many other issues that students also face, from the inability to apply knowledge in the wriying context to poor understanding of the basics of academic writing. Unfortunately it is not always possible for students themselves to overcome challenges of this kind on their own.

This problem requires a complicated solution for which governments, schools, and students must of necessity work together.

esl students challenges in writing an essay

A lack of competency in the English language is, without doubt, one of the greatest problems which ESL students face. At the moment there are about million English as a Second Language learners in the world today, and most if not all of them have common issues with writing skills.

This happens because when learning a language there are three equally important skills which need at first to be acquired - speaking, reading and writing. Modern English teaching programs focus upon developing all three at the same time. However, the human brain is such that three completely different and separate learning skills are studrnts developed apace.

Or to put wrkting another way, it would be unusual for a student to learn to write English with the same accuracy and precision, and at the same time, esl students challenges in writing an essay reading or speaking it.

4 Main Challenges of Academic Writing for ESL Students

The only way for an ESL student to overcome this challenge is by studying the language in greater depth. You will need not only to keep improving your English but also to double the time you spend on learning how to write esl students challenges in writing an essay. The particular demands of academic writing are exceedingly high and complex and the rules are rarely taught anywhere, even though schools usually have helpful guides on the topic for their students and more detailed information on the requirements given out with the assignment.

You can also find a variety of useful materials from independent sources. Information on such topics as how to craft a hook in the introduction or tips on writing a thesis statement are extremely valuable because they provide examples and clear simple instructions which ESL students can understand. However, they do not resolve the underlying problem because academic writing conventions are extremely complex.

esl students challenges in writing an essay

They have layer upon layer of requirements that are often incomprehensible - even for native English speakers. Most importantly, this type of writing requires a skill in applying that knowledge which ESL students lack by default. It can only be acquired through years of practice and specialized instruction.

As there are very few programs that actually teach academic writing skills, students have no choice but to self-learn.

esl students challenges in writing an essay

Unfortunately this is extremely difficult considering that resources and guidance in this subject are limited and unavailable to many.]