Essay writing competitions for college students 2016

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Writing competitions offer students the opportunity to publish their writing, gain recognition, and receive generous cash prizes and scholarships. Please see below for a list of writing competitions open to:. We also have organized the competitions by area etudents law. For more information, details, and deadlines, click on the name of the competition.

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Other resources: Suffolk University Law School has a created a comprehensive list of legal writing competitions. If you come across other writing competitions or resources, please let us know!

essay writing competitions for college students 2016

Law students are invited to submit articles addressing domestic and sexual violence and the law from a national or international perspective. Submissions must further the legal needs of victims stuednts domestic and sexual violence or their children, or advance efforts to address the incidence, causes and effects of intimate partner violence. Submissions are typically due essay about writing skills in english early April.

The Law Student Writing Competition encourages and rewards student-written articles in the area of antitrust law, competition policy, and consumer protection law.

Write an article about antitrust.

Pre-Law Resources

Law students currently enrolled or graduating can write eligible articles of general interest to the antitrust law community, including: Civil and Criminal Antitrust Law, Competition Policy, Consumer Protection, and International Competition Law.

Competjtions are typically due in late January. Essays should conform to the theme of the competition.

essay writing competitions for college students 2016

Submissions may writin a position, educate the reader, or analyze one or more cases. The decision of whether a particular essay qualifies as to subject matter is entirely within the discretion of the Section. Submissions are typically due in late May. The topic is not confined to any particular type of public lands issue.

essay writing competitions for college students 2016

As part of this effort, the ABA will sponsor the Contest, which invites law school students to submit to the ABA Section of Real Property, Trust and Estate Law Sectionoriginal essays on a current topic dealing with real property, trust and estate law.

The essay essay writing competitions for college students 2016 is designed to attract students to the real property, trust and estate law field, and to strongly encourage scholarships in these areas. Essays must not exceed 50 pages of double spaced typed text, including footnotes.

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Only one essay is to be submitted for each entrant. Submissions are typically due in June. All papers submitted will receive consideration for publication in the Journal of Legal Medicine or other medical legal publications.]