Essay writing contests for high school students 2015

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essay writing contests for high school students 2015

There are some unique skills that are harder than others to capture on the college application. Students who excel at sports will often have a long list of tangible achievements.

essay writing contests for high school students 2015

Students who produce fine arts or participate in student leadership programs will easily find ways to highlight their participation in these extracurriculars on college applications. But writers will often have a harder time highlighting the skills, time, and energy put into perfecting the craft of writing. If you are a student who excels at writing, essay writing contests for high school students 2015 can you draw attention to your abilities and dedication on your college application?

Are high grades in the humanities and a well-written essay enough? How can you show that this skill is something you pursue as an extracurricular activity outside of regular school hours?

Writing contests are a great way to highlight your dedication to and success in writing.

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Winning a writing contest does much more than simply look good on your college application. Many serious contess contests at the high school level offer prizes. Some are cash awards, and others come in the form of a scholarship, often to a summer writing program.

Winning a writing contest can also help you to form and nurture a writing an essay about a magaine relationship with the institute that hosts the contest. Additionally, numerous writing contests offer multiple levels of recognition, so you do not have to be the top winner to earn a title that will look dtudents on your college application.

Essay writing contests for high school students 2015 are sixteen distinguished writing contests across all genres, open to high school students.

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Read on to learn about eligibility, prizes, submissions deadlines, and more! Important Dates: January: Annual essay topic released.

essay writing contests for high school students 2015

February Submission deadline. May: Winners announced.


Full Rules Available Here. Prizes: Students judged as having superior writing skills essay writing contests for high school students 2015 a certificate and a letter.

Their names also appear on the NCTE website. Inhigh school juniors were nominated, and of them, received Certificates for Superior Writing. The number of nominees allowed othello movie review essay each school depends on their enrollment. Important Dates: October: Writing theme released.

November to Mid-February: Entries accepted. About: This contest begins regionally and progresses to the national level. Local organizations host regional competitions and winners from these are sent on for national consideration. This is a huge contest and it received nearlyentries in 29 categories across writing and the arts in Of those entries, 85, were recognized at the regional level and 2, received national medals.

There are several sponsored cash awards at the national level, ranging by genre and sponsor, studennts some National Medal contfsts will be selected for scholarships to colleges or summer programs higu well. Important Dates: Regional deadlines vary; search for yours here. National winners are announced in the spring and the National Essay writing contests for high school students 2015 is held in June higg year.]