Essay writing for special education students

Examples of Five-Paragraph Essay Conclusions

Now what? In the beginning of my career, we worked HARD on writing sentences.

essay writing for special education students

When it came time to take the next step into writing paragraphs, I found this was even harder for my students. We were able to write sentences educatjon a topic or picture, but organizing our thoughts and giving evidence was hard stuff.

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Early on, I found that teaching my students to use a paragraph frame was essential to them learning how to write a paragraph. I also found that writing about non-fiction topics was something they preferred.

essay writing for special education students

So I started there and build a paragraph journal for my students. I soon found out educatino some of my students needed even more support than that to write paragraphs, so I started scaffolding. I came up with 3 supports I use to teach students to write paragraphs. Before I dive in, I want to share some helpful tips that have helped me in the classroom.

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Every time my students write a paragraph essay writing for special education students the classroom no matter what form of scaffolding they use we reread the paragraph together. This allows my students to hear their words and the formatting of the paragraph out loud. I find this helps them as they move throughout the scaffolds I provide for paragraph writing in the classroom. Stuvents, prior to this, they were giving eduvation information about a topic, but writing a paragraph is a whole new beast.

It takes some organization and planning.

essay writing for special education students

I decided the best way to teach this to my students is to use a cut and paste format so they could learn the format while composing a piece of writing.]