Essay writing method for css students

About Us Contact us Privacy Policy. Ads Area. Today I'm sharing a best secret tips for writing essay for css or competitive exams. I have compiled these strategies from Jahangir's World Times. Most of the strategies are contributed by CSPs; their names and Essay marks are mentioned wherever possible.

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I am going to divide them in essay writing method for css students sections to make it easier for the members to follow. At the beginning of every section, I am picking the most advised suggestions and listing them as 'the gist of the section,' in case one can't go through the entire thread.

Here is the gist of the section:. Take a few sample essays on different topics, read them twice and thrice and then write them on your own.

essay writing method for css students

Add valuable and logical material in the prepared essay particularly for essay writing method for css students on current issues. Improve your expression with practice and avoid using one word again and again, use synonyms instead.

CSP Dr. Najam us Sahar Butt. Students must have good understanding and enough knowledge about societal issues like poverty, gender discrimination, social inequality, women empowerment; economic issues like tax reforms, budget, national finance commission award; religion like Islam vs West, Islamophobia, Islam and terrorism, pluralism; scientific issues studentx global warming, pollution; national issues like democracy, military intervention, provincial autonomy, energy crisis, independence of judiciary, media; international issues like global terrorism, credit crunch, new world order etc.

The best way to essay writing method for css students through this cs is that candidates should write on general topics comprehensively and got it checked by a professor. Once you follow this technique, essay flr will no more be a tough task.

Structure of Essay

One can get past papers, select any of the topics and write an essay on the topic. Then the essay may be shared with colleagues whose objective assessment may prove beneficial for the improvement fir essay writing skills. Candidates cannot learn it by just reading some material or book overnight.

For perfection, candidates should have proper mentoring and consistent practice.

Expression of Ideas –Principles of Essay

I would say every day if not possible then every writinng day, candidates must do an assignment of short essay and get it checked from a teacher. One should write at least one essay in a week. So I think these are appropriate ways to develop your capacity in these areas.

I would say practice, practice and more practice.

essay writing method for css students

For essay good writing skill and a bright analytical approach is required. First of all, one should categorize the essay topics as most important and less important. Then give full attention to the most important topics of essay and also make a comprehensive synopsis of these chosen topics.

essay writing method for css students

Now go for the stucents of material from the relevant and reliable sources. The second step is to write and rewrite your ideas in the best possible way. The third step is to get help from your friends or a qualified teacher.

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In addition, daily reading of quality newspapers like daily Dawn is very helpful because it provides material for different types of essays on current as well as international issues. Moreover, candidates must have a good essay writing method for css students of quotations on a wide metgod of topics that will adorn their written presentation.

CSP Saeed Rehman.]