International essay writing competitions for high school students 2018

Calling all high school student writers! If you are a talented writer, you can find plenty of contests that will allow you to submit your writing for consideration. Below are 11 writing contests for high school students, but you can find plenty of other contests, both niche and general, by searching online. The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards celebrate art created by students age 13 and older in grades 7 through 12 on both a regional and competiitions scale.

international essay writing competitions for high school students 2018

You can submit in a huge variety of categories and styles, and you can enter awards that have cash prizes or scholarships. Categories include science fiction and fantasy writing, critical essays, humor, dramatic scripts, and more. Prizes vary as well.

international essay writing competitions for high school students 2018

To apply for this award, sponsored by the New York Public Library, any writer age 35 or younger may submit a novel or international essay writing competitions for high school students 2018 of short stories. Each year, a reading committee of Young Lions members, writers, editors, and librarians select five finalists, and a panel of judges selects the winner.

Students ages 11 through 18 from around the world are invited to participate in the Ocean Awareness Contest by submitting work in the form of visual art, creative writing, film, interactive and multimedia, performing arts, and poetry and spoken word. The Junior Division is for students ages 11 through 14, and the Senior Division is for students ages 15 through Each year, the Adroit Prizes awards two students who must be in high school or studying at the undergraduate level.

Students may submit excerpts of longer works if they choose. Simultaneous submissions are also accepted, as long as students acknowledge ihternational their cover letter that the work has been submitted elsewhere. Students may only submit one work per genre, what is block format in writing an essay year, but they may submit entries to international essay writing competitions for high school students 2018 the poetry and prose categories in a given year.

The deadline for this prize is typically in April each year. High school students of all ages are eligible for this creative writing scholarship, sponsored by inrernational National Society of High School Scholars. Students can submit work that has not been previously published in one or both categories: poetry and fiction.

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In the poetry category, students may submit their original poetry in any style, from formal verse to free verse and experiment. The poem should be formatted as you wish it to appear in publication. In the fiction category, students may submit a piece of short fiction, no more than 5, words and not single-spaced.

The student may choose any genre, including graphic novel or short story.

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Though the submissions are closed for the scholarship, the scholarship applications will be open, likely sometime in the spring of Emerging artists ages 15 through 18, or grades 10 through 12, are invited to apply for this award in various disciplines, including visual arts, writing, and music, by submitting a portfolio of work.

The winner is selected through a blind adjudication process competitioms by an independent panel of highly accomplished artists. Presidential Scholar in the arts. The application for the competition is closed, but the YoungArts application will open in the summer of By visiting the website, you can sign up for application news and updates.

US students grade 9 through 12, as well as students in the District of Columbia, U. The essay must be international essay writing competitions for high school students 2018 1, and 1, words and answer three questions about US foreign policy and national security.

international essay writing competitions for high school students 2018

Students in the eleventh grade or international equivalent are eligible for this annual playwriting contest. Each year, the jury consists of members of the Princeton University Program in Theater faculty.


Entries for the prize are due by March 31, at pm EST. Students must be US citizens or legal residents between the ages of 14 and 19 attending public, private, charter, or religious schools in the U. Home-schooled students and those enrolled in correspondence or GED programs are also eligible to apply.

To promote excellence in writing at the high school level, Bennington College invites submissions from students in grades 9 through 12 for this annual award.

international essay writing competitions for high school students 2018

A first, second, and third place winner is selected in each category.]