Research shows that essay writing using target vocab benefits students

Given that competition is at an all-time high for academics looking to publish their papers, we know you must be anxious about what you can do to improve your publishing odds. To be sure, your wgiting must be sound, your paper must be structured logically, and the different manuscript sections must contain the appropriate information.

But your research must also be clearly explained.

research shows that essay writing using target vocab benefits students

Clarity obviously depends on the correct use of English, and there are many common mistakes that you should watch out for, for example when it comes to articlesprepositionsword choiceand even punctuation. But even if you are on top of your grammar and sentence structure, you can still make your writing more compelling or more boring by using powerful verbs and phrases vs the same weaker ones over and over.

Supporting students in building a knowledge-base through nonfiction reading

So, how do you go about achieving the latter? A Wordle is a visual representation of words, with the size of each word being proportional to the number of times it appears in the text it is based on.

research shows that essay writing using target vocab benefits students

The original company website seems to have gone out of business, but there are a number of free word cloud generation sites that allow you to copy and paste your draft manuscript into a text box to quickly discover how repetitive your writing is and which verbs you might want to replace to improve your manuscript. Seeing a visual word cloud of your work might also help you assess the key themes and points readers will glean from your paper. Study the language pattern found in the most downloaded and cited articles published by your target journal.

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For example, if you were writing a paper on links between smoking and canceryou might look for a recent review on the topic, preferably published by your target journal.

The Wordle result might look like the following, based on the example linked above. If you are not research shows that essay writing using target vocab benefits students yet where to publish and just want some generally good examples of descriptive verbs, analytical verbs, and reporting verbs that are commonly used in academic writing, then have a look at this list of essay writing average cost per paper phrases witing research papers.

Have you heard of synonyms? Of course you have, but have you looked beyond single word replacements and rephrased entire clauses with stronger, more vivid ones? As always, however, be bfnefits about using only a thesaurus to shosw synonyms.

Online dictionaries such as the Merriam-Webster and the Cambridge Dictionary are good sources to check entire phrases in context in case you are unsure studengs a synonym is a good match for a word you want to replace.

For additional information on how to tighten your sentences e.

2. Study Language Patterns of Similarly Published Works

We also have showa collection of other useful articles for you, for example on how to strengthen your writing stylehow to a void fillers to write more powerful sentenceshow to eliminate prepositions and a void nominalizationsas well as advice on all the other important aspects of writing a research paper on our academic resources website.

Nov 19, 68, Our Paper Editing Services. Much attention has been drawn to …has gained much importance in recent years. Discussions regarding X have dominated research in recent years.

research shows that essay writing using target vocab benefits students

Prior research generally confirms that… Several studies agree that… Prior research substantiates the belief that…. The academic community has extensively explored X… Prior research has thoroughly investigated…. Several theories have been proposed to explain… To solve this problem, many researchers have tried several methods.]

research shows that essay writing using target vocab benefits students