Scam to catch students through craigslist essay writing

According to a survey from Upwork, 59 million freelance workers live in the US alone. Those numbers are growing year-over-year. The same survey found that 20 percent crqigslist current employees are considering doing freelance work.

Second Indicator of a Craigslist Scam:

This would mean the freelance workforce could increase by 10 million. In many freelance industries, such as writing, those with more experience have a much easier time finding work.

scam to catch students through craigslist essay writing

New freelancers often have to undersell themselves to get work, experience, and portfolio-worthy material. The lack of decent-paying work can lead to significantly lower income or gaps in income. And when presented with opportunities to move up, many freelancers may have their scam radars tuned down or turned off when writibg with the prospect of easy, quick, and high-income work opportunities.

scam to catch students through craigslist essay writing

There are numerous legitimate ways to earn income from home, including scam to catch students through craigslist essay writing freelance platforms like:. Many of these scams seem attractive because they generally do not require any specialized skill-sets, as opposed to most official and legitimate freelancing platforms. The easiest way to avoid these types of scams is to utilize only legitimate freelance platforms. These sites may have scam artists working within them, but most have reporting and monitoring methods that reduce the number of scam jobs that might be posted.

There are dozens of job boards out there, each with varying levels of content filtering to help remove scams from their systems. Some offer better protections to freelancers than others.

Searching Craigslist for Writing Gigs

Because Craigslist has no features scam to catch students through craigslist essay writing place to rate the individuals posting work, you have no scam to catch students through craigslist essay writing to go on that will help you determine if the job poster is a legitimate company or someone hoping to scam you out of house and home.

For example, this job posting on Craigslist provides no way to tell whether the job poster is trustworthy enough to pay for completed work. Your best option is to only seek work through official job posting websites and freelancing platforms. The great thing about most freelancing work is that you often already have the equipment you need to get started.

Note that this is not the same as a service fee for using a platform. For example, sites like Freelancer. But if you do find a service that requires you to sign up and pay a fee or buy a product before you can do work for them, look elsewhere for work. Pyramid schemesalso known as multi-level marketing or political science review essay selling are everywhere these days.

Resume Subscription

Unfortunately, multi-level marketing is perfectly legal in many places, including the US, but tenuously so. Large MLM brands, such as Amway and Mary Kay, have been around for decades and have all faced numerous legal challenges usually for fraud or abusive behaviors.

scam to catch students through craigslist essay writing

Others, such as LulaRoe, Herbalife, and Plexus have gained a strong foothold in households across the country despite sketchy origin stories and ongoing lawsuits. Even worse, many of these MLM schemes have fairly ardent supporters, caatch just as many individuals reporting the type of MLM horror stories that are highly indicative of scams.]

scam to catch students through craigslist essay writing