Student comments about writing an argument essay

More specifically, it was the feedback on my first paper. The combination of what I thought an abysmally low grade and margins drenched in the red of electronic comments felt as though academic open season had been declared on me personally.

student comments about writing an argument essay

I was devastated. Overall, I experienced a genuine aporia student comments about writing an argument essay ultimately took advantage of the opportunity to re-write my paper.

This has remained with me, and to the degree possible within the specific constraints of each class, I make revision, feedback, personal interaction, and the opportunity to rewrite central to class assignments. The attempt is to allow the student, wherever they are in their progression as a writer, to improve, and especially to improve in their ability to narrow in on and articulate a well-supported argument.

student comments about writing an argument essay

One of the real challenges then, is to offer feedback for students at very different levels. When grading student papers I make in-margin comments throughout and then articulate my overall feedback at the bottom.

Course Planning

Additionally, I compose a document with general feedback for the entire class based on positive and negative trends in the papers submitted. In doing so, I try to impart to my students that their work, whatever its quality, is always a wssay in progress. Feedback on superior papers Esszy on an inadequate paper General feedback for a class. You have a clever argument.

Importantly, you build in very plausible objections to your claims and then seek to respond to those objections.

student comments about writing an argument essay

Your three points of criticism build very well on each other, and you end with a satisfying resolution. As noted throughout, the biggest weakness of the paper is the occasional lack of clarity.

Grading comments for essays on literature

I suspect that a lot of this has to do with the difficulties of writing in a second language. I encourage you to avail yourself of the writing center. Also, as noted, your opening needs to be more clear. Not only did you fulfill the assignment, student comments about writing an argument essay also wrote a long-ish intro and answered questions that went beyond the prompt. Doing so within the word limit and doing it well deserves recognition.

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The following was written in response to a student in a first year writing class. Both the nature of the class and its small size facilitated more substantive feedback than is always possible. My comments below, however, are indicative of the tone and approach I take toward papers I consider to writinv significantly inadequate.

student comments about writing an argument essay

Specifically, I want to emphasize the following:. Again, the paper shows a good grasp of some of the basic points made in the literature, weaving together a number of overlapping ideas.]