Teaching writing a 5 paragraph essay to secondary students

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Like many moms, you face new challenges as the high school years approach. Biology, chemistry, art, and geometry practically feel like a cakewalk compared with how to teach the 5-paragraph essay in your homeschool! One thing is certain. Regardless of how we get through the high school years, our homeschool teens need to master the basics of 5-paragraph essay writing.

Organize and Write Body Paragraphs

I get it. Sometimes we need to pause and rewind.

teaching writing a 5 paragraph essay to secondary students

If your middle school or high school student struggles with basic paragraph writingmake that your top priority. Taking a year to teach WriteShop I will cement the fundamentals of concise and concrete writing.

Teaching your teens how to write a 5-paragraph essay is a homeschool necessity. Unlike narrative writing, this traditional essay has a stringent structure that includes an heaching paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a closing paragraph.

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The introductory paragraph sets the stage for the entire essay. The hook pulls the reader into the essay. A question, quotation, opinionated statement, or interesting fact can make an effective, engaging hook.

teaching writing a 5 paragraph essay to secondary students

Next in the lineup is the background information, which gives the reader a short history of the topic. In addition, the introductory paragraph must include at least a couple of sentences that express the main points of the paper. Think of the intro as princeton review college essay writing course outline of the rest of the essay.

The thesis statement closes the introduction. Instead, try starting the thesis statement with although or because. These words allow the writer to jump right into teaching writing a 5 paragraph essay to secondary students problem. TIP: Use action verbs and limit personal pronouns such as I, me, my, we, and our. These paragraphs must support the thesis statement and flesh out the argument. So make sure students know how to defend or explain their claims using facts and evidence.

All three body paragraphs have the same structure: topic sentence, supporting details, and closing sentence. For older high school kids, the body paragraphs make a great place to practice in-text citations.]

teaching writing a 5 paragraph essay to secondary students