What is difficult in writing an essay for esl students

English is an international language and in demand today.

what is difficult in writing an essay for esl students

English is by far the most widely used language around the world. However, English language writing has always been a challenge for second language students to master. Nevertheless, writing has always been a major difficulty faced by students in English language learning, especially in elementary schools. Not only that, teachers are also facing some challenges in teaching writing skills for students in elementary schools.

what is difficult in writing an essay for esl students

Thus, this study aims to explore diffivult challenges faced by both the students and teachers in learning as well as teaching writing skills in elementary schools. English is used in the world as a lingua franca among people from different cultures, ethnic, and social backgrounds Dewi, The ability to teach writing effectively at driting schools is one of the vital skills among English teachers. Writing is a major component in the teaching of English.

The Appetizer

The teaching ln writing has been conducted as early as in the early years where students start to learn how to form letters correctly. Writing is not only vital in order to develop their academic performance, but also contributes to their social and emotional development.

what is difficult in writing an essay for esl students

Moreover, in this competitive world, writing is also one of the skills that is necessary to excel. Their inability to write well, may affect their chances to secure a job in the future.

Writing Strategies for International Students

Therefore, this issue needs to be tackled effectively. However, teaching writing has become difficult because of the challenges faced by the students in learning writing skills. The challenges that are faced by the teachers to teach writing skills writkng difficult to motivate their students, students of diverse levels, difficult materials and time constraints to teach the students. This paper provides a literature review on the challenges faced by both teachers as well qhat students in teaching and learning writing skills.

The Main Course

Writing is one of the skills among speaking, reading and listening skills in English. Writing is a multiplex activity claimed by Ling Writing activities need to be conducted among students since elementary school so that the students can generate shattering glass book review essay pieces of writing in the future. Even though there are many subjects in elementary schools, writing is known as one of the most essah academic subjects for students.

It serves as a method of explaining and passing information intended for a specific objective.

Why International Learners Struggle with Writing

Thus, all writing may be taken in difficupt form of story in a larger perspective. Immediately, writing skills are vital for lower primary students to continue learning in all academic areas, communication and self-expression. Writing exercises in schools promote the what is difficult in writing an essay for esl students of penmanship as well as overall academic development through troubleshooting and critical thinking.

The writing process also is applicable to other areas such as Mathematics and Sciences, where the learned traits of planning, research and review is applied as well.

General ia and vocabulary are also improved as a subsequent effect.]