Can a thesis be two sentences

Whether you are writing an analytical or persuasive paper, your writing needs a main point. A sentence that clarifies your position is the thesis statement. Its purpose is to guide your paper and keep your writing sentencez. It is more effective if it's one or two statements and is located early in the paper.

How to Write a Thesis Statement

The thesis statement works best in the introduction of your paper. Begin the paper with an engaging statement and thesiss the reader to the main point or the thesis statement.

can a thesis be two sentences

Avoid embedding the thesis in the middle of the introduction where it can be overlooked. It is more effective if it's near the end of the introduction or the last sentence of the introduction.

How can you write a good thesis statement?

Introductions are usually one paragraph in length; however, some longer papers require more than one paragraph to introduce the topic. Avoid vague words in your thesis statement, such as "many" or "interesting.

can a thesis be two sentences

The thesis should only mention the issues you wish to discuss in your paper. If your thesis is czn sentences in length, you may be able to combine the sentences into one sentence with either a coordinating or subordinating conjunction to help relate the ideas.

As your paper develops, be prepared to reword and revise the thesis to fit your developing thoughts.

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can a thesis be two sentences

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