English gcse creative writing essay examples

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I gave them the following prompts:. Gradually, I awake and open my eyes only to see the cracked white ceiling which greets me every day. Here I sit, slumped in the bed with the scratchy white sheets hugging me and muffled beeping noises jumping into my ears.

english gcse creative writing essay examples

Rubbing the english gcse creative writing essay examples crust from my bloodshot eyes, I observe the scene before me.

The sound of footsteps overlapping as nurses rush from bed to bed; essy metallic tang from stainless steel invading my nostrils; the cold metal bed rail imprisoning and mocking me; the pungent scent engllsh antiseptic troubling me and the blood-curdling cries and moans english gcse creative writing essay examples terrifying me.

Using all my strength, I try to imagine I am somewhere else, anywhere else but here. Crowds, signs, roars: it was and the suffragette movement had begun. It was a crisp night, refreshing almost and I had taken to the streets. It was like I was possessed by something that night, some urge and deep desire within me that had led me there, surrounded by women like myself. Abruptly, all of the roars and cheers became muted and faint, one woman walked slowly towards me, her hair messily swooped into an updo, her clothes somewhat dirtied and her chocolate brown corset slightly loosened.

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There was a glimmer in her eyes as tears seemed to swell within their hazel pools, she seemed gcde, hopeful. After reaching me in the crowd, she held out her hand, gently passing me a sign.

english gcse creative writing essay examples

Immediately, I clasped it and the yelling and chanting rang loudly in my ears once more. My journey had begun.

english gcse creative writing essay examples

Here however, is where it ends. I am aware I do not have much time esssay, as the doctors have told me so, and spending my last moments in this hospital room is not optimal.

english gcse creative writing essay examples

However, as I look around I can see beauty within a room which at first glance seems void of it. The hollow medical tubes by my side remind me of the awful act of force feeding I have faced in the past; the shrieks and bawls of patients reflecting english gcse creative writing essay examples pain women had felt in my time and the bed bars mirroring the prisons we were thrown into and the gates we would chain ourselves too.

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I know these things may seem far from beautiful, but I can see my past within this room, the power I possessed and the changes I have contributed to today.

I know now that I can leave this earth having had an impact. Slowly I close my eyes, I english gcse creative writing essay examples see her, the women who changed my life many years ago, her name, Emmeline Pankhurst. I rceative never forget that day.

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The hazel pools of her eyes glazed over, and hands delicately placed at her sides. Nobody in the crearive could quite grasp the fact that this was happening. The crowds of black attire row on row seemed to mimic the thing she loves most in life, the piano.]