English grammar and essay writing book 2 pdf

Publisher: University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing. Comprehensiveness rating: 4 see less. Pretty accessible for students.

See a Problem?

Maybe a bit simple for freshman writing, but I would consider using it in a comp course and supplementing with my own materials. Grammar comes first in the table of contents. I would pick and choose, reordering chapters for my students to teach more holistically, so comp methodology has grammar embedded in it.

No glossary or index. This is a large omission and could be easily corrected: hire a grad student to do it as a summer project. The content and examples are accurate overall. I find that reductionist or overly simplistic. But the chapter as a whole is superbly geared toward the dev ed writers I typically teach.

I would use it in a class for students who missed the testing placement cut off for freshman composition. I'd call its approach english grammar and essay writing book 2 pdf classic in terms of comp pedagogy. It will review essay titles become obsolete in the near future.

english grammar and essay writing book 2 pdf

Yes, it's a text that provides a great overview but does not go deep into any one area or skill set. For ex, Chapter 5 for ELL students is just a start. The slang and idioms lists grammat very short, for instance. They are just a starting point.

Conditions of Use

I like the amount of sectioning; it reads in bite sized pieces for students. This is a long book—over room movie review essay. It could be intimidating to dev ed and ELL students.

What helps make this text more organized and user friendly: key takeaways list at end of each chapter. There are a few poor design choices. For ex, student examples are displayed in italic font as if the student were writing cursive.

english grammar and essay writing book 2 pdf

Italic font slows reading speed on the page and increases eye fatigue. Never put more than one sentence total into italics.

english grammar and essay writing book 2 pdf

The PDF version englis needs a way to "tag" or jump to each chapter directly. Better yet, to jump to each section in the english grammar and essay writing book 2 pdf by using a hyperlink or similar tool in the table of contents. I essah test drive it for one semester in dev ed first, then consider adapting and supplementing it for my first year comp students. This text provides extensive coverage of all of the content areas typically covered in first-year composition courses at community ggammar.

Comprehensiveness rating: 5 see less. It includes chapters on paragraph structure, the writing process, rhetorical modes, research, MLA and APA documentation, sentence structure, punctuation, mechanics, revision, and even designing presentations.

Individual chapters include check-in questions and, in most cases, suggested activities for students to complete as they read. There is also a selection of sample essays that follow the rhetorical modes.

Finally, hyperlinks have been strategically placed to help students review important concepts by referring them back directly to the english grammar and essay writing book 2 pdf where that concept was first introduced. This makes for a richly layered reading experience while also facilitating modular usage of the text. The text generally follows the established approach to teaching writing, so its discussion of research peer review rubric for argumentative essay, for psf, includes sections on topic selection, planning, conducting research, organizing ideas, drafting and revising.]