English grammar and essay writing book 2

english grammar and essay writing book 2

Audio and video cassettes accompany the text. Some chapters are not exactly timely, but interesting nevertheless.

English as a Second Language

There is also a student essay on each of the topics explored esswy good writing suggestions as well as suggestions for editing and formatting. Explicit reading skills work would need to be supplemented, but readings seem appropriate and related grammar work would be useful for students at this level. I like the interesting articles and emphasis on vocabulary building.

english grammar and essay writing book 2

Each of the 10 units is organized into 6 sections: Pretest, Discovery Including tasksSummary and Review including sentence and paragraph level editing exercisesEditing, and Suggested Writing Topics. Students can work independently.

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Answer Key. Includes diagnostic tests, clear rules, sentence-level and paragraph-level editing exercises, writing grammag, and answer key. There are many new practice exercises, review sections, numerous contextualized oral exercises, and writing assignments. Includes a few structures not on course outline: comparative adjectives, indefinite pronouns, direct and indirect objects, and present perfect tense.

english grammar and essay writing book 2

Rules are explained in a comprehensible manner and exercises are good. Comes with supplements such as workbooks, chart books, and transparencies. Some may find the Chart Book only a sufficient supplemental or optional text.

english grammar and essay writing book 2

Grammar Dimensions One grzmmar ed [] NOTES: This the first of a four-level series whose systematic format is divided into the form, meaning, and use of each structure. The design of the text is " user-friendly" and easy to follow.

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Each grammar point has a clear explanation coupled with an example. The charts and illustrations provide additional support. The exercises are thorough and presented in a variety of ways so as not to become routine.]