Essay writing for english tests download

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essay writing for english tests download

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essay writing for english tests download

Download Free PDF. Nhung Nguyen. A short summary of this paper.

essay writing for english tests download

Download Download PDF. Translate PDF. It provides exercisesto practisethe stagesindividually Essay writing for english tests download A as well as giving a list of rypical essaytopics, and there are model essaysgiven in Appendix B. The Answer Key provides explanationsas well as answers. ThePurpose In order to be able to write good essaysit is first of all essentialto make sure that you understand the purpose of the task.

It may seemobvious: the purpose is to test your abiliry to write essaysfor university or collegein English. However, a momenr's reflection will make it wirting that the test task is quite unlike a testd essay,since it is typically 1 to 2 pageslong and is written on an unprepared topic in about 40 minutes.

No university essayis like that.

Essay Writing for English Tests by: Gabi Duigu

Even in universiry examinations,where you may have to write about two pagesin half an hour, you are expectedto have studied the subject in advance. So let us consider some possiblepurposesfor the English test essay. These can be said to be: a to show that you essay writing for english tests download able to selectrelevant ideasand information to answer a question b to show your knowledge help writing an essay about adults affecting children understanding of the topic c to show your abiliry in presenting a logical argument d to show your skills in organising your ideassystematically e to essay writing for english tests download your abiliry to use sophisticatedEnglish f to show your basic grasp of English grammar and vocabulary.

Understanding the question " 2. Knowing the subject b 3. Langaage skills.

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Candidates are assessedon their ability to:. The issues raised are interesting, suitable for and easily understood by candidates entering postgraduate or undergraduate studies. This shows that your knowledge of the topic is not the main emphasisin this test. The main emphasisis in fact on your abiliry to think enblish argue appropriately about a common issue.

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This is because university students need to be able to vownload analyseand discussproblems and solutions, and evaluateand expressopinions. University study is not simply about presenting facts.

essay writing for english tests download

In order to argue appropriately there are two stagesinvolved: a understanding the question clearly,and b being able to selectthe right method to present an opinion in a suitable way. This means organising your ideas and your ewsay