Essay writing in english for class 6

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It is an art to write an essay. An essay is an original piece of composition. Sriting essay consists of a number of paragraphs, all related to one topic. We express our ideas and opinions on it. Before writing an essay, it is better to prepare an outline. Write down all the ideas that occur to you on the subject.

essay writing in english for class 6

Then fill up the gaps and complete your essay. A tourist bus was got reserved. We had a safe and comfortable journey to Agra.

Class 6 English Grammar Chapter 30 Essay Writing

It was the full moon night when we reached there. The Taj is a magnificent building, made of white marble. It is situated on the bank of the river Yamuna. Twenty thousand enflish worked for twenty two years to build it.

essay writing in english for class 6

The main gateway to the Taj is a three-storeyed building. It stands on a platform of red stone.

essay writing in english for class 6

From there a causeway leads to the esay. The cause way has a water channel, with fountains in the middle and a double row of cypress trees on either side. There is a big white dome in the middle with four stately minarets on its four sides.

Verses from holy Quran are graved on walls. Visitors come to see the Taj and read from every stone the story of the true love of the Queen and the Emperor.]