Essay writing in english for css

Writing an essay is obliviously a difficult part of the CSS exam.

essay writing in english for css

FPSC syllabus provides a detailed understanding of what an examiner wants you to write. Therefore, aspirants have to analyze the given topics and write upon them critically. Writing an essay will forr an art if you are able to esday essay writing in english for css problems asked by the examiner. Or, an essay can be the name of expressing your thoughts on a topic based on a single subject matter.

It often gives a personal opinion of the author. To write an excellent essay, you essay writing in english for css to focus on the four components mentioned and explained below. Let us explore and understand them one by one. This is an essential part of an essay. You can understand the structure, learn grammar un use it accurately, but you would never be able to write an outstanding essay if you lack useful content.

A writer without content is like a soldier without a gun. Fod mentioned earlier, the essay explains the problem and its solution. For this, you have to make your ideas broader, and you have to think out of the box.

Expression of Ideas –Principles of Essay

Then and esszy then, you would critically analyze a problem and jot it down on a piece of paper. Read books that you find subject-oriented to your topics. Read magazines, newspapers, and research papers. These sources will help you build the content which is required for an essay later. Do not read books only.

essay writing in english for css

Those who read and accept are called consumeristic mindsets. They never come out of the box; rather, they acknowledge what they have read or seen.

essay writing in english for css

Instead, be a critical and keen observer while reading. It will make vss competitive, critical, and creative enough that you would see unseen as well. The second essential component of writing an essay is its structure. An essay cannot be written randomly without any structure; instead, it needs to be fixed in a frame that gives a systematic view to a reader. The structure of an essay has three main parts: the introduction, the body, and esssy conclusion, and let us understand each one individually.


This is the first paragraph of an essay writing in english for css. The introduction of an essay introduces the topic enlgish has to be explained later; it has two jobs to do.

First, it tells the reader or examiner what the essay is all about. A motivator or hook is a statement that a writer uses to attract his reader or examiner. The element in an introduction is called a bridge. It helps the writer to connect his motivator or hook to the main idea.

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He brings the reader to the point where he is going to explain his opinion. In short, it brings the reader towards the exact topic. The last element in the introduction of an essay is called Thesis Statement. This statement offers the purpose and concise summary of an overall essay, and it shows a road map to the reader that he will csss through essay writing in english for css the body of an essay.]