Essay writing in english my aim in life

An aimless man is like a ship without controls, and a man without a well define aim can esssay achieve his life goals. We all have several aims and goals in life and the ultimate is knowing how to achieve your life goals.

essay writing in english my aim in life

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The Aim in Life – Short Essay (150 Words)

We all have individual goals, career goals and basically life goals. These vary from one individual to the other.

essay writing in english my aim in life

However, we cannot walk through life aimlessly otherwise we end up frustrated and our ambitions become shattered. My future ambition is to become a doctor. I want to study medicine at the university and end up being a doctor for numerous reasons.

Essay on My Aim in Life for Students

Even though I am aware that doctors usually obtain a degree in the university after years of study. This carleton college writing portfolio reflective essay 1 page be quite daunting, but I am a very hardworking and judicious person.

A lot of people have accused me of having a one-track-mind which I interpret to mean I have certainly focused and driven. Doctors are certified essay writing in english my aim in life in the field of medicine, who treat people who are sick. Why do I want to become a doctor? Easy, I love helping people recuperate and make their lives better. Doctors are qualified to save lives and capable of helping the sick and convalescent to get better.

Doctors are necessary to alleviate the sufferings of humanity, especially in the health sector. Although it is quite saddening to realize that people are often more concerned about material gain and themselves than helping others.

Most people have comprised their beliefs and standards to acquire materialistic things, leading to a decline in the general health of humans.

essay writing in english my aim in life

I believe that professions and inclinations are not realized through trivialities like power, money or fame. Any vocation that is pursued these is not a calling. The topmost drive for my career path in medicine probably stemmed from the death of my best friend.

Dora and I were quite close. We played together, entlish went to the same school, we were next-door neighbors, and our parents were friends. However, she fell sick at age 10 and she never recovered enlgish the sickness.

The Aim in Life – Paragraphs 1 (100 Words)

I watched my best friend cum sister die and there was nothing I could do about it. The painful part was she never had the opportunity essay writing in english my aim in life live her life before she was rudely snatched away by death.

Ever since, I how to start an introduction in essay writing up my mind to study medicine so I can help little children like Dora, give them a chance at life and also give their englisn the opportunity to watch their children grow and be a part of esssay lives.

I know that the challenges of becoming a doctor supersedes its advantages. Education is an ever changing and ever-growing sector. Of all the strenuous professions in the world, teaching tops the chart. I agree with what William Arthur Ward suggested that an unexceptional teacher merely tells, a good teacher gives explanations, the superior teacher gives demonstrations, whereas the greatest teacher is the one who inspires.

My life goal is to rssay a teacher in English.

essay writing in english my aim in life

People have often asked me why I chose to be a teacher.]