Essay writing in english sports and games

Sports and games are essential to enjoy overall health and well being.

Importance of Games and sports

These are a good way to keep fit mentally as well as physically. Various kinds of sports and games are played in different parts of the world.

essay writing in english sports and games

Sports and games offer numerous advantages and are thus highly recommended for everyone to indulge in the same irrespective of their age.

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Sports activities are mostly those activities that have acquired a professional stature and are played at different levels including state, national and international level besides being played locally in streets, schools and other places. Some sports activities wrriting also played to seek adventure. Sports are mostly played outdoors. Games can be both indoor and outdoor.

essay writing in english sports and games

While some games are played for leisure others are played professionally. While there is a slight demarcation between the two however, englksh terms sports and games are mostly used interchangeably.

Essay on Importance of Games and Sports: 300 Words for Class 4, 5

Sports and games are recommended for everyone. These serve as an exercise that must form a part of our daily routine if we want to stay fit and active. The key to staying fit is following a healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy diet and exercise. Different outdoor sports such as cycling, swimming, football, basketball, etc are a good way to exercise.

These do essay writing in english sports and games only help in keeping our physical health intact but are also a good way to stay fit mentally.]

essay writing in english sports and games