Essay writing on hazrat imam hussain in english

essay writing on hazrat imam hussain in english

The life of Imam Hussain RA and his nonpareil sacrifice to uphold the true Islamic principles of meritocracy, justice and impartiality are not only beacons of life for Muslims, but his exemplary character has been a source englsih inspiration for followers of other academic essay review quizlet as well.

Despite his party and him numbering just over a on that fateful day of 10th Muharram, AH 61 when faced with a tyrant army of more than 30, soldiers, Imam Hussain RA stood his ground for principles essay writing on hazrat imam hussain in english he considered crucial for the survival of Muslim faith and ummah.

And that is precisely the reason that his oppressors have perished in the annals of history like a droplet in a sea, but the names of Imam Hussain RA and his family have become immortal until the end of times. Here are some lessons we think each one of us: students, parents, teachers and every other member of the society, must learn from the amazing life of Hazrat Imam Englisg RA.

Their only reason of pride?

essay writing on hazrat imam hussain in english

A big car. Hzzrat his ancestry, Hussain was himself a man of exemplary character. In spite of all of his moral superiority, Hussain RA had no air of privilege and never threw the weight of his self or his family around on to his peers. If only we could be a fraction as humble.

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From the breach of contract that initiated tensions with Muawiyah to the time he was denied water at the banks of Euphrates, Imam Hussain never let go of his hold huxsain patience. Today, we Muslims engage in the harshest of quarrels and lose faith over the most trivial of things, hence the condition of our society.

essay writing on hazrat imam hussain in english

No matter the enormity of challenges, Imam Hussain RA was not the one to back down from his rightful stance.

He was offered to swear allegiance essay writing on hazrat imam hussain in english Yazid in return for security of the life of him and his family on several occasions, even at Karbala. Yet, Imam Hussain RA knew it would defy the principles of Islam and stayed put on his decision of not to do so. Even when faced with death. Even when threatened with the life of his family and children. Such is a steely determination we must learn to develop if we huswain to succeed in life.

No matter how hard you look, there is hardly an example of courageousness throughout the pages of history that can be half compared to the essay writing on hazrat imam hussain in english of Imam Hussain RA.

We trade short term gains for moral turpitude and get trapped in a vicious cycle of cowardice to get petty benefits. We must learn to be more courageous; for ourselves, for our friends and for self reflective essay on writing english class outline society.

Only then can we hope to see improvement that we want to see in our society. Imam Hussain RA forgave even the worst of his enemies. Despite him leading Imam Hussain and his hussaij to the battle site of Karbala, Imam Hussain RA did not hesitate once when Hurr bin Yazid realized his mistake and sought repentance.

The Third Imam, Husayn Ibn ‘Ali (as)

Imagine any of us in a situation one tenth as bad as that of Imam Hussain RA. Would we be willing to forgive so easily? I guessed so. Today Muslims are killing other Muslims for unpaid debts of as little as Rsessay writing on hazrat imam hussain in english then claim to be Muslims still.

And Imam Hussain RA showed the world he was the strongest among mere mortals. So a little at a time, let us ourselves strive to gain that strength. Let us try to become a little better each day.

essay writing on hazrat imam hussain in english

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