Essay writing on teacher in english

Teachers are those who make children knowledgeable and cultured. A teacher is a beautiful gift given by god because god is a creator of the whole world and a teacher is a creator of a whole nation. A teacher shares academic knowledge, ethical values and assimilates moral values that help us shape our personality as better human beings.

They represent an open book and try to share their life experience essay writing on teacher in english a better tomorrow. A teacher is very intelligent.

essay writing on teacher in english

They know how the mind of students gets concentrated in studies. During teaching, a teacher uses creativity so that students can concentrate on their studies. They are a repository of knowledge and have the patience and confidence to take responsibility for the future of the student.

Why I Want To Become A Teacher

They only want to see their students successful and happy. Teachers are very prestigious people in the society, who through their magic of education, take the responsibilities of raising the lifestyle and mind level of the common people.

Parents teaher a lot from teachers.

essay writing on teacher in english

Teachers are the second parents who help the students balance their lives and spend the maximum childhood time. Just as our parents influence our childhood years, our teachers help shape us into the people we want to become when we grow up, having a huge impact on our lives.

Importance of Teachers in Our Lives

Students have complete faith in their teachers. In younger years, Students used heacher listen to their teachers more than anyone else as they used to spend more time with them than anyone else.

essay writing on teacher in english

The role of the teacher varies from class to game. They are the creator of a wonderful future for our nation. A teacher has an important place not only in student life but also in every phase of life.

They have all qualities which they distribute in teadher students. They know essay writing on teacher in english not everyone has the same ability to receive, so a teacher observes all the abilities of each of their students and in the same way, they teach children.

essay writing on teacher in english

A teacher is a great listener of knowledge, prosperity, and light, from which we can benefit greatly throughout our life. Every teacher helps their students in choosing their path.]