Essay writing on teachers day in english

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Many students write essays on Teachers day. Through our article, you will get short and long essays on Teachers day.

essay writing on teachers day in english

There will be two essays in this article. One will have less than 20 words and the second one will have more than words. Scroll down to check the essays. Teachers Day is a very special occasion for a teacher and student.

essay writing on teachers day in english

It is celebrated every year on 5 September to give respect and love to the teachers. Sarvepalli Radahkrishan who was a great teacher and second president of India. Teachers are the main reason for the growth of the nation.

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They make the world a better place. Teachers do not only teach us subjects but they also help us grow by teaching us the moral values which are more important than studies. A good teacher is a candle that burns itself to light the way for others. During when Dr.

Radhakrishan was the president of India, people requested him to celebrate his birthday.

Long and Short Essay on Teacher’s Day in English

He replied that instead of celebrating his birthday, he would be privileged if that day is celebrated as Teachers Day. From that day, India celebrated Teachers englih every year esday 5th September. On this day, students organize dance and singing competitions, essay writing on teachers day in english, and mimicry of their teachers.

Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru once said that Dr. Radakrishan has served the country good but above all, he was a great teacher that everyone adored.

A teacher is the second parent for children. We want to thank the teachers for always guiding us and showing us the right way. You are an inspiration for all the children. We are lucky to have you as a guide.

Essay on Teachers Day for Children and Students

We are giving you our gratitude for giving us the knowledge. Check- Happy Teachers Day Speech. First of all, very Happy teachers day to every teacher.

essay writing on teachers day in english

It is celebrated on the auspicious occasion of Dr. He was a great leader, scholar, rssay teacher. We celebrate this day every to give tribute to Dr. Radhakrishan and show respect and love to our teachers. On this day, students organize many events for the teachers. The most common events are speech, dance, and singing competitions and mimicry of the respective teachers.]