Examples of essay writing in english bac

Space tourism It must be an exciting experience to travel on board of a spacecraft and have a glimpse of the universe. Everything is new and different. But thanks to modem science and technology, it has become a dream come true.

examples of essay writing in english bac

However, only a few privileged people can undertake this venture and achieve this dream because of the exorbitant price of the 2,5-hour flight. For this eesay, Mr. Perhaps the compromise would be to wait a little longer until new technology makes it cheaper and more available.

examples of essay writing in english bac

From early cave men, to Columbus, to modern day space explorers, humans have enjoyed traveling. Space tourism is a very new idea that was once thought of as no more than science fiction, just like visiting the moon once was also and has been left untouched, due to certain restrictions.

The idea has been around for many years, even exampls the first rocket went into space.

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Safer and cheaper ways of traveling to space are making the idea of space tourism become more realistic. Space tourism must now be looked upon as a viable reality that will change the way the world operates and should examples of essay writing in english bac implemented past the conceptual stage and developed into reality for the tourist of tomorrow.

Tunis walking tour:. Come Along with us on our marvellous waking tour to the medina of Tunis. The cafe is built over the tombs of 3 holy men, and the restaurant on top of the cafe is considered as one of the most exclusive places in all of Tunis. If you visit it in the afternoon or evening, expect belly-dancing or live music together with the food.

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The importance of travelling:. More than anything else, travelling is so important for us because of its advantages. Catch the trade winds in your sails. The Tunisian educational system:. The Tunisian educational system is structured as a three-stage system: the Basic Education Grades writingg to 9. Before that stage, parents may send their children to nursery or pre-school. But that is optional and fee-paying. So at the age of six, children enter for a nine-year period divided into two stages.

examples of essay writing in english bac

The first six-year stage takes examples of essay writing in english bac in primary schools. The second three-year stage is offered by lower secondary schools.

Education is compulsory for children aged from 6 to During the first six-year stage, children are taught the basics in oral, written expression as well as reading and reckoning and esszy skills in science, the arts, physical and manual abilities. The language of instruction is Arabic. French is taught as a second online essay review free starting from the 3 rd grade and English wxamples a third language at the 6 th year.

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At the end of basic education, students are streamed to secondary schools at the age of Secondary education lasts 4 years and is divided into two stages two years of general education and two years of pre-specialized education. As for the Higher Essayy, the wide majority of students go to universities. There are institutions of higher education.

examples of essay writing in english bac

The New Education Reform in Tunisia highlights an Education Strategy for the future, towards a society of knowledge and skills. Virtual schools:. Witing believe these people are right only to some extent regarding the advantages related to Virtual schools. So where would the child learn how to get along with people if he spends most of his time in front of his computer? Would he be able to have normal relationships with his relatives and friends?]