Future of english in india essay writing

Even English played a great role in our freedom movement.

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It served as a lingua franca among the Indians belonging to different religions and provinces. Again, it was through this language that India became aware of great strides made by the western civilisation, science and culture.

future of english in india essay writing

English is no longer the language of the British. The journey which started with wfiting Anglo — Saxons gradually spread over the world.

Needless to say that use of English in all functional domains has become inevitable. India being a colony of the Britishers is still carrying forward the language legacy.

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In India the English language has earned the status of the official language as well. It is a well known fact that the advanced knowledge of science, technology, space research, nuclear field, medicine, engineering etc is abundantly available in English language.

By learning the language the Indians have been able to gain access to future of english in india essay writing vast treasure of knowledge in the field of science of technology.

future of english in india essay writing

English has become a part and parcel of an educated Indianbe it academics, be it business English has become a need. Well, some social scientists even claim that rapid growth of English in India is somehow causing vernacular or indigenous languages lose its own communicative domain.

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However, considering the hasty escalation of the use of English in India it will not be an exaggeration to future of english in india essay writing that the future prospect of English in India is really high and the speaker strength of English language can reach the pinnacle point in the up coming years. Language has been defined in various ways by various scholars. However, the study of language rather the scientific study of language blue essay review termed as linguistics.

Language is a multi dynamic and complex system, which is rule governed and comprises meaningful messages.

future of english in india essay writing

The primary form of language is always spoken. Linguistics can study languages in general or a language in particular. A language can be studied from different aspects. Phonology and phonetics deal with the sounds of languagemorphology studies words.]